Thank You for Being a Friend…


Okay kids, I am dog tired because I have moved, yet again, this weekend (there must be a comedy routine in this somewhere). The good news is that it looks like it will be a permanent address for a while (fingers crossed and praise Jesus) and my back will eventually go back into correct alignment.

So this is the part where I thank everyone who has been truly a blessing to me these past few whacky months. First of all, Zelda – for opening her home to me, her floor, her nine pets and her incredible ability to be there for her friends, no matter what. Despite our consistent disagreements about just about everything under the sun, I thank you for being a true blue friend for 20 years plus. You rawk, and since your short term memory sucks, just think how happy you’ll be every time you read this because each time it will be new.

To my old roomie and chum Leny, for hauling crap, finding chairs, endless lemons and a quiet place I can hide out in when I need it.

To my friend Kelly for her relentless spirit and the inspiration she has been to me in this last year. Your strength, humor and fortitude knocks me out. You are amazing – no matter what life does to your brain. Love you girl.

To my posse, Christine, Jess and Panther for being ever so patient and understanding of the delay of the resurrection of Theme Fridays, the countless emails, laughs, tears and comraderie. You gals are some very special ladies and I have nothing but admiration for you.

To Grit for his friendship, passing on his business acumen (from his usual unreliable sources) and boundless advice whenever I need it and sometimes when I don’t.

And to each and everyone of you for so many things – but especially for your understanding of my crazy fricking life – the good wishes, the comments and just bothering to click on the link and say hey. You mean more to me than you know.

And finally to Will, for bringing love back into my life – no matter how short lived. You never can have too much love in your life. It meant the world to me.


9 thoughts on “Thank You for Being a Friend…

  1. Life is just one continuous journey, eh? *grin* Seriously, it’s not really about patience, and it’s more about knowing that when the time is right for all of us, it will happen. No worries!

    Urban Panther´s last blog post..Putting it into perspective

    Hi Sweetie,
    You’re right, when the moon is in Aquarious it will all come together. Or something like that. 😉
    Love ya,


  2. You’re very welcome. Please bring Maggie by so Murp will leave me alone. I can’t get any work done; he’s been murping at me for three hours now and won’t stop. I need to be higher up the food chain than “cat toy”…

    Well I packed her lunch, gave her a bus pass and sent her on her way. She isn’t there yet? 😆


  3. Hi Annie,

    Thanks, although it it is always my pleasure to dispense advice 😉 Oh, and if you want to start a fund to build a statue to honor Zelda I’ll scrape up at least a bit of pocket change.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    Well I’m happy to ask for the advice, so it seems to work out, eh?

    As to Zelda’s statue…since she has more stuff than most familys of 20, I doubt there would be anyplace to put a statue. However, I’m sure she’d appreciate the pocket change. 😉


  4. Thanks! back at ya!
    Maybe brain damage won’t prevent me from submitting this comment;-) Ain’t never commented on anyone’s blog before so life is good.

    Hey Kid,
    Stick with me and I’ll have you blogging and commenting like nobody’s business. 😉


  5. I’m glad you found a place to stay a while. Maybe you can settle in a bit and focus on things that you haven’t been able to.

    Hey Teens!
    Yup, that’s the plan, Stan. I think I’ll be happy here. The pets are doing good and I’m starting to relax. It’s a nice feeling.


  6. Oops. I hit submit before finishing. I also meant to say I’m glad you have such good friends to help you through this ride of life. 🙂

    Me too, honey, and I count you as one of them. 🙂


  7. This is sweet Annie. Friends, there is just NO substitute ~ I’m happy you have so many good ones to lean on. You deserve it, you are a total sweet heart! Good luck getting all settled in and back to life!

    javaqueen´s last blog post..What’s this?

    Hey Bella!
    Back to life, I love that. It says it exactly.
    Annie 🙂


  8. Thanks A. Glad to hear things are coming together for you.


    Much love, dear.

    Jess´s last blog self

    Hey Sweetie,
    How did I miss this one? Love you too.
    A 🙂


  9. i feel like an ass, Annie!
    i’ve been so caught up in crap, but i hope that you know i really love you and miss you.

    c´s last blog post..mother mom mommy mama ma: an open letter, or statement

    Oh Chica,
    Don’t let it worry you a bit. You are definitely not an ass – you are my friend, so don’t say mean things about you. I really love and miss you too. Someday soon, my friend, we’ll get it all together, yes?

    Happy mother’s day, sweetie.



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