Mariachi's or Drums?


Okay, so I found a new place – got all moved in and even found a free desk and bed. Good start right? The room is nice – painted a very restive green and I have some nice french doors that open out onto the backyard. Room mates are a’plenty but pretty nice, especially the landlady for whom I am quickly growing a soft-spot.

However…one of my roomies is a drummer. Nope, that little detail was not disclosed to me before I moved in. Ooops. Okay, so we had a heart to heart and he said he’d let me know ahead of time and that he only plays once a week. Well, small fib there since he’s played four times in the 9 days I’ve lived here. And ah, no dude, that garage is not sound proof.

On the other hand, the new neighbors (apparently they just moved in ahead of me) like parties. Lots of parties. Every night parties. Afternoon pool and rap music parties. Basketball, shooting hoops parties. I’m not sure if any of them sleep or if they sleep in shifts or????

Last night was mother’s day – and apparently that too was reason for a party. A BIG party. A LOUD party. Even my landlady called the police three times. None of us slept. The last time I noticed the clock it was past 3:30 this morning. Yawn. Wobbly legs and the mind is really in no shape to be operating without a license either – but you can’t really not do what you have to just because you are sleep deprived right?

This afternoon, early, they started again. It seems they needed a clean up, pool party – I lost it. I stood in the open french doors and screamed my head off. Me, miss mellow-yellow. “Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“Ah, yeah?”
“Turn it down! You guys kept us all up til three in the morning….”
“Ah, it was Mother’s Day”
“Are you laughing at me????%^&$%^&&**!!!!”

And so it went. Well, maybe I scared them just a little. I mean who knows what the crazy neighbor lady might do if they chance turning the volume up,eh? On the other hand, I may get a visit from some burly mafia types this evening.

Bottom line….I guess my life is going to be pretty noisy for a while. Dang. Anyone know of any good anger management classes? Seriously…

8 thoughts on “Mariachi's or Drums?

  1. Oh my gawd, that’s sounds terrible!! Good on you for being vocal along with them! And good luck!

    Simonne´s last blog post..The Creative Pipeline

    Hey Simonne!
    How the heck are you? They seem to be behaving a bit better now – although none of us is convinced that will last. I’m thinking of taking some of Michael’s ideas and put them to good use. 😉


  2. Hi Annie,

    People take that sort of tirade much more seriously if you are holding a 12 gage pump shotgun. Oh, sorry. I forgot you live in California. On the other hand, at least this gives you some insight into why we in the South are generally more polite than people in the rest of the country.

    the Grit

    the Grit´s last blog post..It’s good to be King – 05/12/09

    Hey Grit,
    Yes, the shotgun would have been an effective prop. Alas, we aren’t allowed to even carry squirtguns without a permit out here. I’ve always found southerners to be very polite now that you mention it. 😉


  3. Anger management, hell! I’d go out there and kill someone!! You mess with my ZZZZZZZZ’s and I become your worst nightmare, instantaneously!!

    Gawd, I love the way Michael thinks! I’d play classical music myself, or maybe children’s music … like the Barney theme song. I hear it makes adults puke.

    PiedType´s last blog post..Don’t computerize my doctor

    Okay 30, now the Barney theme song is an utter stroke of genius. I love it. 😆


  4. Noisy neighbors can be tough. I don’t know which is worse the drummer or the party animals. I guess the party people because they keep you up so late. I do remember that I had some neighbors at my old house who were noisy and I played opera early in the morning very loudly. That just made them play their music later and louder. I finally got ear plus.

    joanharvest´s last blog post..Some Thanks Are Due

    Hey Joanie!
    Yes, no desire to start neighbor wars – they never turn out well for either side. Ear plugs…never found a set that really work that well, however, music and headphones seem to be helping some. 😉


  5. Congrats on finding a place? I will continue to wish you all the best. I guess party people might be fun and positive, rather than miserable all the time – is that one way to look at it? I feel for you.

    Hey C!
    No worries, this too shall pass, right? It’s just part of life – you just have to accept that it’s a mixed bag most of the time. At least that’s my new p hilosophy. Hopefully it will stick. 😉


  6. Drats!! Sorry, that’s frustrating. You’re having a rough go of it…but things will settle…ear plugs may be the way to go for a little while…and a very loud fan to drown out some of the noise…
    love the new header….
    hang in there.

    kim´s last blog post..the id and the super-ego

    Hey Girl,
    It’s always something, right? Maybe it will inspire some new novel characters? That’s the bright side, eh? 😉


  7. LOL Annie so your new home is with Tommy LEE ?
    :mrgreen: Hey get in the party mood if you can’t beat ’em join ’em 😉

    Gerry´s last blog post..Great Workout Video

    You may be right, Ger – but it’s going to talk a lot of alcohol. 😉


  8. I know….Lets do a house swop and in our case a country swop. I could do with being in Calfonia around party people for the summer, it would save me a small fortune on me going to festivals . ‘Wadda say dude’. Hehe !!
    Glad you have a soft spot for the landlady and you have french doors into a back yard. Sorry you have to endure the noise.

    Can’t seem to face up to the facts.
    Tense and nervous can’t realx
    Can’t sleep beds on fire
    Don’t touch me I’m a real live wire.

    Yay for Talking Heads – Di thanks Mich for the song.
    Love Di. x

    Ps. You have a pool…Yay ! Bloody hell , come on. , lets out party em. Hehe !!

    Actually a house swap sounds like fun. However, they have the pool and lately they have been quiet. I am keeping my fingers crossed. And it looks like drummer boy will be asked to move since the landlady wants her son to move in to the garage. Funny how things work out, eh? 😉


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