the haves vs the have-nots???


Okay, that sinking feeling I got when the country voted in the Blessed One has become a giant sinkhole. This little article may signal a new trend among state governments across the country. Yup, the newspapers may well be getting their own local bailouts from the respective states they do business in. Isn’t that nice? The muckrakers are losing subscribers partly due to the onset of internet news and reporting but mostly due to their (at best) lousy reporting and giving the people (apparently) what they don’t want. So the government is going to subsidize the papers with the tax dollars of those who don’t want to buy the paper in the first place? This should be a Mel Brooks movie or something. Are you kidding? They are going to keep an apparently unwanted going concern going? Why? My cynical mind tells me it might have something to do with delivering certain messages or needing just the ‘right’ messenger. Interesting at best, pathetic at worst. So, once again corporations who can’t find their way out of a paper bag are getting bail outs, with our tax dollars.

Not so much for us though…

This little article discusses how legislators are knocking around the idea of smokers, drinkers and soda consumers paying for the brand new, super-duper national healthcare plan (estimated in the trillions over tens years) by adding more taxes. Out here, they just added another $1 tax on a pack of smokes – this article is talking about $2 more. Are they kidding? These sin taxes really get me. First of all, who the hell has the right to penalize someone for participating in a legal activity? I don’t see anyone suggesting extra taxes on brussell sprouts or medical marajuana – surely that must impact someone somewhere, mustn’t it? The fact is that they are doing it because these are activities relegated to the average man or citizen – the poor man’s pleasures if you will and they have no lobby. What are they going to do when people just stop buying the products? Where will that revenue come from then?

It’s just typical that the Haves always seem to find a way for the government to help them and the Have Nots are always the ones to pay for it. Aren’t you people pissed yet? Cripes.

3 thoughts on “the haves vs the have-nots???

  1. Well, see, there’s no money to be made taxing brussels sprouts, cuz I’m the only one in the world who eats ’em. If they really want to make some bucks, they ought to tax something everybody eats. Except, damn, isn’t it immoral to tax something we can’t live without, like FOOD.

    Hey, you’ve redecorated. I love it!

    PiedType´s last blog post..I read the news today, but why?

    Hey 30,
    Since when did morality play a part in politics except to use in a speech? Hang in there, eventually they will come after brussel sprouts or something near and dear to you. The problem is that we think we work for the government and not the other way around. Until that hits the consciousness of most of us we’re going to be made to suffer on one level or another.

    Luckily I’m stocking up on cheap booze, generic diet soda and off brand smokes for the final armageddon (sp). 😉


  2. Hi PiedType,

    Don’t worry. It won’t be long at all before they start taxing the air we breath, because we exhale CO2 and that causes Global Warming. Oh, and they are also considering taxes on sweetened beverages.

    Hi Annie,

    You should note that taxes on cigars barely went up at all. This makes me suspect that form of tobacco must be popular on the Hill. Still, if they must raise additional revenue, I suggest a huge tax on frequent air travel. Really, there is almost no actual NEED for someone to take a ride on a jet plane, and the beasts waste massive amounts of fuel, so they are definitely a luxury. Thus, I’m thinking a 1000% tax on every flight after a person’s first round trip in a given year. That should rake in some big bucks and help move the country toward energy independence.

    Oh, and I’ve been pissed for years. Ever since the Carter Administration if memory serves. I’ve been quite vocal about this, but no one seems to listen.

    the Grit

    the Grit´s last blog post..It’s back!

    Hey Grit,
    Now there is some innovative thinking and for that reason it will never get through. The only true innovative thinking ‘on the Hill’ is crap they have been shoveling since the first revolution. And yeah, I know you’re pissed – I wasn’t directing the comment at you because, well, I know better. 😆


  3. Hi Annie,

    Ignoring the rest, I must say that I’m most pleased to notice that I’m not the only one who is using the word, “crap,” more frequently since our new President took charge 🙂 Honestly, I have been sorely tempted in recent days to make posts consisting of nothing more than that word 🙂

    the Grit

    the Grit´s last blog post..Exploring the limits of stupidity.

    Hey Grit,
    Yeah, I’ve been a big fan of crap all my life. 😆 And your doing the total crap post sounds like it could be a winner. A real meeting of the minds, eh? 😆


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