The Dark and the Light


I read an interesting post today at Kim’s and it made me think. Not that it takes much to make me think since I’m notorious for thinking too much but… I suppose I should say that it made me look at myself, my behavior, my life. And I think I have finally realized that life is not all light and it is not all dark – it is many shades of gray – it is many shades of red, green, blue, yellow, black and brown – all colors.

What does this mean? Not sure, really – just that no matter what we think our lives are going to be like. What we want our lives to be like – they find their own course, their own pattern and their own colors. Not because we are getting what we don’t want but because we are getting what we want – perhaps in the strangest way, perhaps in an obvious way. But I do believe that whatever comes, does so for a reason – not Fate’s reason but a reason of our own whether wittingly or unwittingly. We bring to ourselves and our lives whatever we need – to learn, to see, to bear, to own, to have, to be – all that and more.

Knowing this of course, makes it no easier. It only elucidates it ever so slightly for me. But just as it is in a wonderfully bruised sky, there is beauty in all the colors of the dark and the light. Perhaps the trick is to be able to find them.

5 thoughts on “The Dark and the Light

  1. Oh, I’ve missed your musing in my absences from blogging. This is gentle and probing and oh so true.


    Hello dear girl…I’ve missed you too. Maybe we’re both back for a round or two, eh? 🙂


  2. Hello Lovely Annie.

    What a lovely post as I was reading it I thought you to be a rainbow. I’ve missed all your colours. I love your take on reason ( not fates reason ) aww !! So lovely to be reading you. I’ve missed reading you.
    Love to lovely Annie

    Hey Di,
    I’ve missed you too. A rainbow? Me? LOL – okay, I’ll try anything once.


  3. Hi Annie,
    I’m the world’s worst blog reader, and I just wanted to say sorry and that I missed you.


    The Girl from the Ghetto´s last blog post..What do you know?

    Hey Girl,
    I could give you a run for your money on the worst blog reader title – no worries, we all have lives. I’ve missed you too, actually. I was even thinking of maybe updating the women blogger post – see how things sit now a year later – what do you think?


  4. You know I’m starting to wonder about the stuff, the unwittingly and the witted; because sometimes I look around and think that this is what I’ve wanted all along, and I willed it this way, somehow and then other times I think that someone else did. But with that thought, if it is true perhaps I should will a book deal into my reality. Which brings me to the question, if you’re ever on Oprah, will you bring me as your special guest? I asked first…

    Kim´s last blog

    Oh Kim, you’re so funny. Whatever would Oprah want with me on her show? But sure, I’ll bring you as part of my entourage. Otay? LOL.


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