Weekend Toons is Back

It’s just been far too long since I’ve posted some very funny and very rude toons…So, here you go. Have a laugh. Laughing is good. Right. Hat tip to Ger for all the great finds.

Happy weekend, everybody. 🙂





4 thoughts on “Weekend Toons is Back

  1. Thanks for the plug W.C. actually I think they might just need a few more masks to hand out. One for Nancy Pelosi would do just fine right about now :mrgreen:

    Gerry´s last blog post..Great Workout Video

    Hey Ger,
    Thanks for the great toons. Yeah, Pelosi has been needing a mask made out of duct tape for a couple years now…hopefully she’ll get one soon.


  2. Hi Girl and Annie,

    If memory serves, they took the Chia Obama off the market because some complained that it was racist. This is a crying shame because, so far, that was His greatest contribution to society.

    the Grit

    the Grit´s last blog post..I am so confused!?

    Wow Grit,
    Even plants can be racists? I never knew that. The guy is a total assclown and so much less. 😉


  3. I’ve gotta get me one of those Chia Pres jobbers.

    Hey Darlin!
    Yup – you really do. I’m thinking Walmart.com might have ’em. 😉


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