It's My Party and I'll Bomb if I Want To


A couple years back, I wrote i dah bomb, little dudes and their hair – admittedly making fun of the whacked out despot (of North Korea) who had some serious hair problems. Happily at that time there was at least an attempt at bitch slapping the crazy, little nutjob. This time, not so much.

WSJ article: Korean Blast Draws Outrage gives the details as we know them today. I’m happy to say that our new Prez is still into the jive talking routine and we can all rest assured that talking the talk is bama’s forte so of course it will work. The fact that lilKim doesn’t have any interest in talking and will run as many nuke tests as possible in order to play with the ‘big kids’ (Iran, Pakistan & India) seems not to have phased the new administration in the least. And Hilary and bama both intend to talk to the Russians and the Chinese (always big fans and allies of ours, don’t you know) in order to get them to talk some sense into lilKim.

To quote the article:

Recent diplomatic overtures by the Obama administration to Pyongyang have failed to entice or subdue the regime. China is in the best position to influence North Korea. A State Department spokesman said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was scheduled to talk Monday with foreign ministers from China and Russia, and a senior administration official said Mr. Obama would speak with his Chinese and Russian counterparts this week.

Naturally, there are the usual rumblings about sanctions and harsh words directed at the little shit but something tells me that by the time anybody gets around to doing any of that we may have a whole new Grand Canyon, where we least expect it.

I’m wondering if anybody in the West Wing is starting to get nervous yet. If not, they should – talk may work on the campaign trail – however, I don’t think they allow teleprompters in No-Kor and I’m thinking a “Just Say No to Nukes” campaign just isn’t going to solve the problem. It’s too bad that there are no more cowboys on the Hill because I have a feeling we’re going to need a few in the not too distant future.

5 thoughts on “It's My Party and I'll Bomb if I Want To

  1. This little sawed off runt has to be dealt with….people are disappearing in N. Korea one guy confirmed executed and another hasn’t been seen in a year and a half I believe the list is like 18 in trouble or missing. This guy has a plan I don’t believe he will bomb someone but sell the technology to Iran or worse Al-Queda take your pick. So Big “O” grow a set and don’t let the U.N. pussy around with sanctions on this whack job…. Geez you know I feel better after that rant :mrgreen:

    Gerry´s last blog post..Is this Our Future National Anthem

    I agree – it’s a wonder some of the diplomatic team hasn’t gone missing -they certainly are missing any sense God gave them. Glad you feel better now, ranting can be good for your blood pressure. 😉


  2. Good stuff. You certainly don’t mince your words. Yes, you can bet that people will be wanting a little bit of the cowboy back in America’s foreign policy. What we got now is a pinky in the air, non-fat latte sipping, Ivy league chat club calling the shots. That is why half the world has mobilized against us. I mean, seriously, go check out recent headlines. It is like no one can wait to jump in the water. It is a feeding frenzy. Carter 2.0 is officially on the shelfs.

    Jason´s last blog post..The Pick: Sotomayor it is

    Hi Jason,
    Nice to see you here. No, I don’t mince words, that’s the truth.

    Yes, half the world has mobilized against us and ironically I believe it’s the half of the world that was so for our current White House resident. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    Carter 2.0 is definitely on the shelves, although I have a sense there might be a serious recall sometime in the near future.



  3. This administration makes Jimmy Carter seem like a genius.This guy thinks that if we’re nice to the whole world and kumbya with everybody it will be all sunshine and lollipops. He just wants to be popular and thinks he is running a community organization…Guess what Big “O” welcome to the big league your not in Chicago any more :mrgreen: so grow a set and as Chopper Reid would say “Harden The Fuck Up”

    Gerry´s last blog post..Is this Our Future National Anthem

    And there you have it. Hear hear.


  4. Hi Annie,

    Obama sure does work fast. Really, less than 4 months in office and He’s already got us into another war. I am impressed.

    the Grit

    the Grit´s last blog post..Counting the Change 05/27/09

    I have to agree with you, Grit, it has gone lickety split – imagine what we’ll be into a year from now. Of course, many of us may not be around a year from now – but it’ll be interesting for those who are, eh? 😆


  5. Hi Annie,

    Well there are rumors that a hot topic of conversation at the recent Bilderburg meeting was about how to cull the excess population. Still, I’m thinking that my chances of making it another year are better than average. Tossing and tumbling dice.

    the Grit

    the Grit´s last blog post..I told you so! (Rant warning)

    Hey Grit,
    Something tells me your chances are pretty good too – especially since you already have a bunker stocked with pork and beans and bearnaise sauce. 😉


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