BeTwittered, Be-Witched, Be-Baffled


Okay, granted, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I do pride myself on being a quick study. However, oh and yes, I do have a Twitter account, even though I’m still not really sure how to use it and what to do with it or if anyone is even reading my Twitters – I digress

It all started when I was looking at the stats page and I saw a referrer from beTwittered – ‘Hmmm, what’s this?” I wondered and clicked on the link. Suddenly I was on a bare bones kind of page with just my name and a blank box, there were tiny little buttons at the bottom of the box and so I clicked on them – oh no, wait a minute, first I tried to login and it told me that my password was invalid, so then I had to go to my gmail account and find that email that had my Twitter info and when I found it I went back to the page but suddenly I was logged in and now I was looking at a page of little tiny messages from other Twitter folks and I thought, ‘oh cool, I’ll ask one of them to explain this to me,’ and I did but – well the message just wouldn’t send or display or whatever it was supposed to do.

So I did a search to see if the big G could point me to a place that would ‘splain’ it to me and there was a page, supposedly that explained it but no, I didn’t get it.

So, I’m asking you, what is this whole BeTwittered thing all about? And talk slowly – think of me as a four year old on this topic. Okay? Okay.


8 thoughts on “BeTwittered, Be-Witched, Be-Baffled

  1. Don’t worry chica I’m still learning tweet and tweeting someone.
    Karl Rove is following me and me him 😉 you can follow me on twitter DWinstonOBoogie happy tweeting

    Wow the big K is following you, eh? Is there something about your background you aren’t teling us, big guy? Hmm?


  2. haven’t come across beTwitter but do use twitter occasionally and recently some very helpful people contacted me about bullying after a tweet I wrote.

    I tend to tweet in bursts, can have weeks without it

    Interesting that Kaylee switched from blogging to twitter because she could suck more people into her mad little lies….latest scam was she was preggers!

    magikquilter´s last blog post..Giveaway Madness!

    Hey Kathleen,
    It may be like coffee, an acquired taste?


  3. I’d follow you! You can only find me as bkclubcare, tho… Books,books,books. 🙂

    CuriousC´s last blog post..Pears and Pecans

    Hey C!
    You mean that’s your Twitter name? bkclubcare? Otay, I’ll see if I can find youse. 😉


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