Yay, a New Tax!

I got this information in my email box yesterday. I must say I found it alarming, although more and more the policies of the new administration are alarming to me. Here’s the scoop:

1. Gas prices jumped 20% last month
2. Apparently there is a bill being pushed that will jump them even higher.
3. It is called cap and trade – apparently a new energy tax hiding in ‘green’ clothing. The premise being that if energy is regulated more and costs more, we’ll use less of it and somehow that makes things better. All that will happen if they do get their wish of less use is that prices will go even higher, because how else will they make up less revenue than they want? Hello $5 a gallon gas, coming to a summer near you.

Don’t believe me? How would the following affect you, personally?This new energy tax would:

1. Raise inflation-adjusted gasoline prices by 74 percent
2. Raise electricity rates 90 percent after adjusting for inflation
3. Raise the cost of living of a typical household by $1,600 a year
4. Raise residential natural gas prices by 55 percent
5. Destroy 1-3 million jobs per year, every year until 2035

This new energy tax is neither an energy nor an environmental solution. It’s a tax. And nobody thinks they’re under-taxed.

Roll Call is reporting that Nancy Pelosi wants this passed by the Fourth of July recess. Wow, she just can’t move fast enough to destroy the economy, eh?

Click on this link to sign the Stop the Energy Tax petition, and spread the word. If we let this genie out of the bottle my friends, I don’t think we’ll ever get him back in.

Oh yeah, check out the vid – in the words of the great one, no less…

5 thoughts on “Yay, a New Tax!

  1. Hello. I was reading someone elses blog and saw you on their blogroll. Would you be interested in exchanging blog roll links? If so, feel free to email me.


    Hi Josh,
    After a look around your blog and even a couple of your readers’ blogs I can’t see how our blogs would be related in any way. Meaning, I can’t imagine your readers being interested in my blog and vice versa. Thanks, but I think I’ll pass.


  2. He will deny this is a new tax but when you put lipstick on pig it’s still a pig, basically companies are give a certain level of C02 they can emit. If you go above that you by credits. Line your electric company that use coal. Remember his campaign for clean coal energy so much for that so any fossil or coal based energy gets taxed and they pass that onto you. You think you like that there’s talk in the wind of a National Consumption Tax better known as a V.A.T. or value added tax of 25% so everything a consumer buys from groceries to toilet paper would be taxed at 25% yay!

    Gerry´s last blog post..The Five Rules for Twittering

    Hey Ger,
    Yeah, that’s the cover story – but again it all goes back to just finding yet another way to tax us without representation and power. As to the V.A.T. – I think you may be mistaken. VATS are proposed solutions to replacing the income tax – as is the national sales tax. And as far as I know the VAT or NST would not add any taxes to food or things that people must have to live (necessities). But I wouldn’t worry about it, they aren’t about to let go of the income tax.



  3. It’s getting better W.C. I heard this morning congress is proposing taxing livestock farmers. Yuppers seems that the feed they feed swine and bovines causes them to belch which emits methane gas supposedly worse for global warming than C02. They estimate that belching bovine contribute 18% to the climate change.
    :mrgreen: buurrrrrrrrrrp

    Yeah, I’ve heard about the studies that talk about methane and its contribution to c02 emissions… Bottom line in my opinion is that there is more ‘gas’ coming out of Congress and the Whitehouse than any poor pig or cow could produce and maybe they should start thinking about taxing themselves the fricking gasbags. 😉


  4. Hi Annie,

    I’m just getting to grips with all the taxes and value added taxes. Our country is a sham with all this carry on. I wish it all just floated above my head like it used to, but I have to say I like reading this stuff now and trying to understand and compare with our different countries. I hope your country doesn’t become as freeking freeked up as our country. Seems it is becoming. I tried to write a post once on energy prices and pre paid meters etc etc but it didn’t read properly. Smiling.

    Can we find an Island soon please, we can all have our own little jobs can’t we. I can make great tea and cofffe and provide lovely songs for us, I can also provide the tabacco. It costs 12 pounds here for a 50g pouch of tabacco. It costs 9 pounds in Lebannon for 5 50g pouches. Luckily I have a friend in Lebannon.
    Love Di

    Hey Di,
    I’m glad that you have started liking looking into these things. I think it’s fun in a way. Yes, our own island. I definitely want one of those.


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