Hi Dad


Hi Dad,

Another year. Another Father’s Day. I’m reminded of you in ways both good and bad.

Good because of all the laughs and late night heart to hearts. The smiles and in jokes. The funny looks and winks.

Bad because those times are gone and have been for some time. And the years march on and there are so many things that have happened that I wanted to tell you about. And I do. But I’m not really sure if you’re still ‘out there’ listening.

I know you’re still ‘here’ inside my heart. I know that I keep that place warm and safe. Keep it a nice place for you to visit.

I miss you in ways that defy words. Deep missings.

And on some level, I know that you know.

Even though I can’t call you with news and events of my whacky life – I’m hopeful you still get the memo.

I never forget. I always remember. You are my dad. My hero. My angel.



5 thoughts on “Hi Dad

  1. i knew you’d have something beautiful posted for Father’s Day.
    i am confident that your Dad is watching over you, so proud, so filled with love for his little girl.

    I hope you’re right, Chica – it makes me smile to think that he might be. 🙂


  2. Your father’s here and he hears everything. You know I don’t believe in death, only another form of life. I just feel when I go my children will miss me, but I will be right beside them as long as they need me so the missing will only be one sided. I just want to say to your dad, Hi Dad. Nice to meet you. Any dad of Annie’s is a friend of mine. Love, Sharie

    Hi Sharie,
    I hope you’re right…still I do miss the physical sense of his being here. You know?



  3. I know what you mean about worrying you might forget their face, or laugh. It’s only been 7 months for us and I can still hear his voice and laugh and see his face plain as day. Sometimes I almost think I hear him calling my name. Do you get that? I honestly think there’s something about that Irish spirit that calls out – that poetic soul that reaches from beyond.

    You may enjoy reading the posts around St. Patrick’s Day of this year. I did a bunch of stuff that you will probably relate to.



    Hey Kat,
    Well honey, I feel for you. The first few years after my dad passed I was a wreck and nearly everything reminded me of him. I too, know that feeling of hearing his voice, seeing him as I came around a corner… yep.

    I’m sure I would enjoy your posts around St. Patty’s day – it just so happens that is the day of my birth. LOL. I am half Irish and yeah, it shows.

    Thanks for the nice comment and the visit.

    .-= Poetikat´s last blog ..First Father’s Day without you. =-.


  4. Hi Annie and Hi Annie’s Dad.
    ‘He’s listening and watching over his baby girl’
    Love Di. x

    Thanks honey.


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