Weird Chick 3


Weird Wednesday has rolled around once again I have scavenged the internet to bring the best and the brightest of the weirdest. And if you click on the pic above, you’ll get shot over to a nice little article about Tim Burton’s soon to be released version of Alice in Wonderland. And yeah, that is Johnny Depp is his own colorful delicious weirdness.

In the News…

This poor guy got a little high and tried to do the javelyn moose jump over a couple of Japanese cars. In part, the article states:


Witnesses appear uncertain as to whether the moose was tranquilized before or after it fell on to both cars, causing $3,000 in damages. Car owners Chris Hair and Cassi Elton were told by Utah Division of Risk Management they would receive no compensation for the damage, as there was no negligence on the part of animal control officers.

Click on the moose to get the full scoop.

Whacky vid #1 from a classic source:

Whacky vid #2 that also incorporates our nominee for weird food of the week – this is a can’t miss, folks.

Weird Art – is it Live or Memorex?


And finally…

Weird Products which I believe speak for themselves


What child doesn’t want their own babydoll to shave? Seriously?


And what pretty girl doesn’t want to preserve her pearly whites by using Blow Guard – yes folks, that really is the name and shit, I just had to post this.

And so ends another weird Wednesday – we hope you had fun and may you stay forever weird.

3 thoughts on “Weird Chick 3

  1. It seems that Evyl must have bought the rights to the blowguard and is dispensing them at his place of work for the inmates :mrgreen: As for the spiders I watch Andrew Zimmerman’s Show on The Travel Channel “Bizarre Foods” every week some fine dining there 😛

    Well Ger, I’ll leave the spider eating to you. Bon appetit! 😉


  2. i think the blow guard is more for the man’s delicates than babygirl’s teeth. i imagine getting scraped by some teeth whilst getting blown isn’t awesome.

    It’s still funny!

    Did you see the pic of Anne Hathaway in Alice in Wonderland? Stunning. It reminded me of Orlando Bloom as Legolas in Lord of the Rings- rather angelic- and i just kept staring at it. She looks really beautiful.

    And, why does the Shave-the-Baby baby have hair to shave on its nethers? That’s too fucking weird for weird.

    Hey Chica,
    I have a feeling you’re right about the blow guard. lol.

    Yes, I did see the photograph of Ann Hathaway and I thought the same thing. Amazing. Burton always does these wild visual things and this looks as though it will be no exception.

    That shave the baby thing was so gross I had to post it. Seriously what little girl wants a shavable baby doll? You have to wonder, eh? 😆


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