Michael Jackson – Farewell


While I’ll admit to not being much of a Michael Jackson fan in recent years, I do have to say that he has left behind him and enormous body of work. The young boy with the amazing voice who I believe started singing professionally at the age of eight had a certain something. Charisma? Charm? Talent? A special light? I don’t know but it did reach people.

Off the top of my head I can think of many of his songs that I loved. Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, I’ll Be There… His music has definitely been part of my life soundtrack and will remain so.

Though later in his life he resorted to what can only be considered extremely weird behavior, not the least of which was the endless plastic surgeries designed to make him look more and more like a mannequin – as well as other activities that we aren’t going to discuss here – the fact is, the man brought music to the world. And that music touched millions world wide.

Farewell Michael Jackson – may you sing now with the angels.

10 thoughts on “Michael Jackson – Farewell

  1. That’s a really nice farewell post Annie. No matter the train wreck his life became, he was certainly a man whose music will be remembered

    Hey B,
    I agree, his music was amazing. It’s too bad his life was such a problem for him. His body gives up but his music will never die.



  2. Hi Annie,
    Thank you so much for this post. Yes over his lifetime he did portray some pretty wierd behaviours didn’t he. Oh ! I’m guttered. He was a genius and them there sort are a bit wierd aren’t they? I love the video you chose. I think sometimes peoples wierdy behaviours are exaggerated – okey ! NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION.
    Rest in Peace now dear Michael Jackson and yes go sing with the angels.
    Love Di. x

    Hi Di,
    I know, he had some strange things happening – but his talent and his musical contribution to the world’s soundtrack cannot be denied. I think in a way, he may be happy now – just a free spirit singing his own tune. The stresses of his life seemed too much for any mere human.



  3. I too wrote a post as its been quite a day, first Farrah and then Michael. May they both rest in peace..their talent was extraordinary and their deaths also. Farrah’s for her grace and his for its unexpectedness.

    Hey Kathleen,
    I agree, they both had troubled lives – sad really. They both impacted millions as well. They both leave behind an incredible legacy.


  4. Annie,

    Nice post, and good to see that you’re not one of those rubber-necking the train wreck. Though, like you, I was not a big fan of the latter day Michael Jackson, one cannot deny his entertainment prowess. I’ll certainly miss his music.

    – JOS

    Hey JOS,
    Thanks and same to you. No, I”m not much of a rubber necker myself. True, he had all manner of bizarre happenings in his life but I suppose we all have our skeletons. He has left behind an amazing legacy and that I believe deserves some recognition.


    .-= JOS´s last blog ..The King (of Pop) is Dead =-.


  5. i actually got teary eyed when i heard. i’ve never known a time without Jackson’s music.

    And Farrah! i wanted to be one of Charlie’s Angels, the Bionic Woman or Foxy Brown.

    The thing that hits me is that these are people i grew up on, and now they’re starting to go. i don’t know, but it’s a little scary.

    Hey Chica,
    Yeah it is a little scary when people of our own generation started to fall over. Makes us examine our own mortality I think. He’s left behind some incredible things – and we will always have his music, eh?

    .-= c´s last blog ..going down =-.


  6. I was teary eyed when I heard the news. I wish there was someone who was there with him when he passed. Its not fame and money thats important in this life. Its knowing where you are going after death.

    Hi Sophie,
    Yes it was sad that he was alone – but he’s at peace now. That’s a good thing.


  7. Hi Annieo,
    Just come back to read your comments. I cried on hearing the news and I got down on my hands and knees and said the ‘ Eternal Rest’ prayer that my Mother taught me. It sure does make you wonder what happens in the minds of genius like people. Its a kinda Elvis story isn’t ~ Drugs are a killer ~ We all know that. Prescribed medication absoutly no different. I don’t envy people with fame and wealth, I really don’t. There are going to be so many stories you know.Soooo many stories.
    Just checking in
    Love Di.
    Yes its the kids and his family that I’m praying for. Rest Peacefully now genius man.

    Hi Di,
    I think you’re right – it is like the Elvis story – the whole fame and fortune thing sure does seem to have its temptations. Yes, the stories have begun – I won’t read them, unfortunately most people will.


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