Weird Chick 4

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It’s Weird Wednesday and I have once again, scanned the internet for the latest and weridest stuff available. First up is our pick for Weird News – the winner of the ugliest dog contest – pictured above. Click on the pic for the full story.

Weird Art:


Wow, talk about being a prisoner of your own mind!

Weird Food:

cobra_whiskey_tallCommon Cobra & Vine Snake Wine

This special whiskey is infused with a real farm raised Cobra snake, Vine Snake, ginseng roots and herbal seed pods. The whiskey is steeped for several months, which then imparts a unique flavour into the whiskey, it is quite an acquired taste. The story is that this is used in SE Asia as a very strong Aphrodisiac; and it also has many medical uses, such as the treatment of back and muscle pain. Every bottle is unique in its own way so therefore the item purchased may differ slightly in looks but not size.

giantbug_pasteGiant Bug Chilli Paste – Extra Hot!

If you’re looking for that unique extra hot dipping paste then this is the one for you. It is made from Crushed Giant Waterbug a.k.a.Water Scorpion (Thai name : Malaengda, used mainly for it’s special aroma), Shrimp paste, garlic, salt, Thai chilli powder and sugar and it makes an excellent dipping paste for edible insects, sticky rice, vegetables, tortilla chips or anything else that takes your fancy. Be warned this paste is pretty hot!

For more fascinating food items, click on the cobra wine to visit this unique website.

And finally …

Weird Vid:

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