Pen – Theme Friday

pen-bw, power of words, pen mightier than the sword

The pen presses to paper
which gobbles the ink
the travel is endless
the sights, divine
Reality doesn’t matter
borders have no meaning
Time plays no part
Identities slip on and off
like a bevy of party dresses
that flutter in a flurry of indecision

The pen is freedom
a voice of descent
That can pass through walls
small minds
the hulls of ships
the bars of prisons
the airwaves
virtual universes
prejudice and bias
skin color and class
wealth and poverty
Through gaping maws
and the eye of a needle.

Its cargo, ideas
new points
from which to view
A flame
eternal and
hope everlasting


Jess’s pen writes magical things here and

Christine’s pen is creating universes here

4 thoughts on “Pen – Theme Friday

  1. i don’t think this was weird at all,
    but sharp.
    And clean as a penstroke.

    i like the idea of a pen carrying ‘cargo’- and such precious cargo it is!

    i liked this a lot. Good job, Chica.

    Hey Chica,
    Maybe unexpected…but the mind goes where it goes, doesn’t it? Yes, precious cargo indeed. At least for we of the writerly ways. The pen is mightier than the sword, isnt’ it?

    .-= c´s last blog ..Theme Fridays: pen =-.


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