Is It The Economy or Is It Us?

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Ever since one of Clinton’s sycophants uttered the phrase ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ it seems that’s all anyone talks about when things aren’t going peachy keen. Which is pretty amazing when you consider that that phrase surfaced somewhere around 1992, which makes it what, 17 years or so that we’ve been lamenting about the stupid economy?

In those 17 seventeen years I’ve learned a few things about this topic:
1. Just about no one understands what ‘the economy’ is or isn’t, and does or doesn’t affect.
2. No single individual can make the economy go up or down – although some have tried
3. The economy has cycles, just like the weather – it cycles up and then down in approximately seven year arcs.
4. The reason for these seven year cycles is that it takes a bit of time for good and bad decisions, laws, regulations and actions to affect the current flow of the economy. It isn’t like a Santa Ana wind or a Twister that can shift direction in a matter of seconds (barring war and total devastation, that is).
5. There are those who are powerful enough and influential enough to be able to manipulate the economy and do, at will, whenever they feel like it. Still, there is a delay before the ramifications of same are felt
6. We, the general public, have as much influence on what happens with the economy as most other factors that affect it.

Case in point, people love to praise how utterly wonderful the economy was when Clinton was in office. As though by virtue of his swearing in the economy said, “I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay!” What they forget (or don’t know) is that the economy had already begun to turn up before he was in office. Lucky guy, he came in just as the economy was turning around. Then of course when George Bush came into office people blamed him for crashing the economy, yet the down turn had begun on Clinton’s watch. Considering what Bush had to deal with and the potential of damage that could have been done to the economy and wasn’t – post 9/11 – I think he managed to do quite well. At least I didn’t have any trouble finding work while he was in office. And as one last snipe he had a lower unemployment rate than Clinton ever had.

But here’s the catch, the media. Long time lovers of the liberal side of things they have a tendency to downplay bad news when one of ‘their guys’ is in office and just out and out refuse to mention it – and conversely when one of the ‘other guys’ is in office to blame them for everything from natural disasters to their Aunt Edna’s smoking addiction. And the pounding never stops.

And now we come to my point. There is an old political adage that perception is reality, right? What if your reality is simply a perception that has been pounded into you for days, weeks, months, years? You’d start to believe it after a while, wouldn’t you? I mean, if all the major media continually told you that corn was more valuable than gold and they just kept hammering and hammering it at every opportunity, pretty soon you might start thinking that you needed to invest in corn fields, mightn’t you? Silly example, absolutely. Silly point, I don’t think so.
The fact is, that if you open any newspaper, there are hundreds of jobs listed. Any job site has possibly millions. Money is still out there, otherwise we wouldn’t be paying an arm and a leg for bread. If people didn’t have money, no one would be buying that $5 a loaf bread, would they? And money doesn’t just disappear. It doesn’t cease to exist. It just stops flowing. Why? Because you and I have been convinced there is a scarcity. We have been convinced that bad times are coming and we’d better save than spend. We’d better stuff our mattresses than trust the banks. We’d better stop vacationing instead of staying home and mowing the lawn.

And when we stop spending, businesses suffer – they have to let people go because there isn’t enough revenue to support so many employees – or they have to change the insurance plan or your benefits because they aren’t making the profits to offer you that benefit anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no doubt that we are in a down turn but I am equally certain that things aren’t as bad as people think or have been led to believe. I think that once again we’ve been convinced to be afraid and fearful, so that we will look to those who have the power and are ever craving more, to help us survive. And we are letting them enslave us with our own fear.

I wonder what would happen if we all just said, no. We don’t believe. You’re full of it. And then we went about our business as usual. What if we stopped watching the news and reading the newspapers, do you think we’d all start to feel better? What if we said, screw this, and started our own businesses? The Internet is there for anyone who wants to use it and that is the global marketplace, right? What if we just thumbed our noses and said three times every night – The economy is booming, the economy is booming, the economy is booming? And what if we told three people a day that very thing? Do you think it would change. I do. Your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Is It The Economy or Is It Us?

  1. Don’t ask Joe Biden he has no clue ? His gaffe the other day proves they have no idea about the economy of the jobs saved or created by their spending spree. They act like little kids when someone gives them money except it is our future generations money their blowing. They haven’t spent the tip of the first “stimulus” (pork project ) money yet. Shovel ready jobs my ass the States took the money to balance their own budgets and still most of them are failing

    LOL – even when I don’t talk about Biden, he comes up.


  2. Can’t think of anything to add. You pretty well nailed it. But then, you know by now how I feel about the media.

    Hey 30,
    Yeah, I know how you feel about them. What I think is really interesting is that it seems that so many people feel as you and I and yet they still exist. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? I mean, are they on the government tab too? It wouldn’t surprise me.

    .-= PiedType´s last blog ..Can we move on now? =-.


  3. I feel the same about the media. A bunch of sicko’s. Anywho, the other day, I said to my hubs, “I cannot wait for the media to turn on Obama” and he looked at me and said, “They’re not going to! That would be like admitting they’re wrong!” – – I was so hoping, in this one instance, they’d rip his ass to shreds.

    Hey Bella!
    Well, I hate to disagree with your hubs but I think the media will turn on him. They turned on Clinton and boy did they ever. That’s the thing with people who believe themselves to be king makers, they are rarely happy with the finished product. You know? 😉 Good to see you, hon.

    .-= JavaQueen´s last blog ..Protected: so here I am =-.


  4. Hey, Annie! Chiming in late on this one, but ignoring the media can only take the economy so far, especially when we have a government that will that will effect a lower demand (for energy, for instance) by overpricing the supply (hello “cap and trade”). One can’t likely ignore the gloom and doom naysayers when facing $5.00 per gallon gasoline prices.

    – JOS

    Hey JOS,
    Oh I don’t disagree with you my friend – stopping the government from its incessant crave for power and domination is always an issue. Although, refusing to believe the bunk they are laying on us and saying so, might begin to give them pause when it comes to further schemes. I guess my point here is that those who seek power ruthlessly count on the fact that we believe the words they say. Personally, I think saying no could have a profound effect on people like that.

    In some ways too, I put more of the responsibility on the shoulders of the ‘real media’ than the power grubbing jerks, because their manipulation under the guise of ‘news’ is unforgivable in my mind. And there will be a reckoning – because if they continue to do what they are doing they will become extinct just like the dinosaurs. For a while now they have been dwindling in numbers and popularity and they don’t seem to ‘get it.’

    I have to laugh though at their incessant cacaphony – while our current president is selling the country down the river, they are still harping on all the ‘sins’ of Bush. They don’t get that that train has left the station.

    .-= JOS´s last blog ..Environmental Extortion =-.


  5. Figured i’d come check out what your site was about and wow…it’s like you read my mind with this post.

    There are 3 things that have gotten us into this mess.
    1. The Media
    2. Greedy banks that KNEW housing prices could not continue to appreciate at the rate they were. Even *I* realized this.
    3. Stupid people that “live too high on the hog” – that spend more than they can reasonably afford.

    I blame them, in that order. If everyone would just shut off their TVs and stop reading their newspapers, no one would know any different.

    Even when I go out to Home Depot or the mall or a restaurant…they’re PACKED. How can you tell me people aren’t spending money?

    Ignorance would be bliss…in this case.

    Thanks for getting me all fired up, I was about to have a nice peaceful evening! ;P
    Hi Brandon,
    Thanks for the visit. You make some great points- and my blood boils on this topic too.

    .-= Brandon´s last blog ..Funny Male Blonde Joke =-.


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