Weird Chick 5

Well it’s Weird Wednesday again and things are just too weird for words, so I’ll just let the pics speak for themselves (more or less). Weird duds…


Hey guys, sick of jeans, try a new skort – sure to get the ladies turning their heads.

Weird Parking Job


Just too stressed to bother with parallel parking? No worries just hang for a while.

Weird Pets


Pet not weird enough, make your own with spare pets, elmer’s glue and giant squid prostethics from the costume shop. Hey, you could win a weird pet contest

Weird Billboards


What I’m trying to figure out is how they got that much gum???

Weird Writing Implements


Want to get your real geek on? Go for this super deluxe geek pen, sure to have every little gizmo and badge of total geekdom

Weird Toys


Not hot enough on the beach, try a giant flame ball – the aerobic workout anyone can appreciate.

5 thoughts on “Weird Chick 5

  1. Geek pen…awesome.
    Flame ball…no words.

    Good ones, A.

    Hey Jess!
    You want one of them geek pens? I may have to get you one for your berfday or something. 😆
    That flame ball is awesome – I think we need one for the Cape. 😆

    .-= blooot´s last blog ..mind cramp =-.


  2. Yep. Weird stuff. But, I like it…

    Hey Libby!
    Yeah, I like it too. 😉 Hey…I tried to visit your blog but ended up on a wanna get a blog wordpress page????


  3. I can see you amum ~m and evyl in one of those giant hamster exercise balls on your upcoming vacation get together :mrgreen:

    You know, I was thinking that maybe we could get one of those. That would be a blast, eh?


  4. Ola Lady,
    Looks like I got back just in time for a little comedy. Talk about a bad day…that parking job blew me away…
    talk soon

    Hey Girlfriend!
    Yeah, a little comedy – lol – very little. Talk soon.
    Annie 🙂

    .-= kim´s last blog ..Here’s the thing…. =-.


  5. Hi Annie,
    Pretty wierd. Have to say at my festivals I see many a man dressed in a skirt looking like that picture. Love the ball and pen.
    Love Di.

    Hey Di,
    I’ll bet you see many things at those festivals you go to – maybe you should do a funky festivals day each week? Or corny costumes day? Or didn’t you suggest Saucy Sundays? 🙂


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