Browser Hell

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I don’t know about you but lately I’ve been having a lot of trouble with browsers. Actually, maybe it’s longer than lately. It all started two months ago when I downloaded a funky trojan horse (all because of my love of the Gilmore Girls) and ended up having to reformat my hard drive.

I had been using Firefox, so I thought okay, I’ll download Firefox again – slight problem, ff3 was all that I could find. No good, I tried that once and it wasn’t pretty – so off I went looking for Firefox 2. Luckily I found it. Well, maybe not so lucky since it just didn’t work right like before. Downloads were too long, sometimes ending up in this endless loop.

I decided to try Chrome. That was way too minimal. Back to Firefox. Until it just drove me up the wall the other night. I had been talking to a friend who mentioned she’d been using Chrome, so I thought I’d give it a try again. And I did. For about 36 hours I had Chrome and while it was better than the first time I used it – I lost all my bookmarks, it doesn’t believe in tool bars and I lost my stumble bar. Apparently I had an old version. The new version – nope, not liking that either. Dang!

So today I decided on Opera. Now Opera isn’t so bad – it’s a bit weird on the tab issue and if you close one tab you close them all. It too doesn’t have a stumble bar but it does have all these other weird bars, that are sort of neat and yet annoying at the same time.

Out of frustration I even switched over to Internet Explorer (since there is no way in hell to ever get rid of IE when you have a PC) but it seems to be trying to imitate Firefox and plus I just never liked it very much anyway, so back to Opera.

I toyed with the idea of Flock but its add ons are Firefox and the code is Mozilla based – so it made me decide against it. Also I just couldn’t bear to download yet another browser only to discover I don’t like it either.

It’s things like this that make me realize what a dinosaur I am – I just don’t like the updates that folks do to what originally seem like great little programs. Maybe I just can’t keep up with the times but it seems like either you have to have a browser with everything under the sun or nothing at all. Is there no ‘in between’ browser that I can be happy with?

How about you? What browser do you use? What’s good about it? Is there another browser out there to try that I haven’t mentioned? Thoughts, opinions, rants?

5 thoughts on “Browser Hell

  1. The Huz is in IT. Computer nerd, so every few weeks he takes my computer and tinkers with it and makes it all shiny and new again.

    So I have no thoughts. Except to say that I have no idea what you’re talking about at all, and good luck, A.

    Well, can you send him by my place once a month? I sure could use a geek in shining armor. 🙂

    .-= blooot´s last blog ..mind cramp =-.


  2. Hi Annie,

    I haven’t got a clue. I just press the button internet explorer. I’m still a google head but I don’t know any different so its easy. I’m more dinasour than dinasour I think. Using my PC daily for 5 years now and don’t know how I manage – Ha I just do. I think I have computer fairys.
    Love Di. x

    Hey Di,
    I could use some of those computer faeries…have an extras? If so, send them over or wish them over or spell them over…however that works. 😆


  3. Hi Annie,

    IE – never had enough problems with it to switch, and the latest version even lets you restore your previous session. Of course, I’m also completely happy with my 1990 GMC truck.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    I hate to break it to you but there are actually other browsers out there and they too will allow you to restore your previous session – in fact, just about all of them will let you do that now. A little trick IE ripped from Firefox – which is one of the reasons I don’t even want to go back to IE – too many ‘intuitive’ crap going on there.

    Hey, I like old trucks. They’s cool.
    Annie 🙂

    .-= the Grit´s last blog ..Pick it! =-.


  4. my firefox got hijacked by some damn toolbar that one of the kids unthinkingly added on and I had to uninstall then reinstall the damn thing to get it back to normal!

    Still wins hands down over IE and Chrome for me though Chrome is a useful backup.

    Hey B,
    Yeah, there are so many toolbars out there now, they make me a might nervous. God knows what spyware and crap are programmed into them…

    In my mind, pretty much anything beats IE – but Chrome…I dunno a bit too bare bones for me.

    Annie 😉

    .-= Mistress B´s last blog ..Simple Pleasures Sunday =-.


  5. Was happy with IE until son convinced me that Firefox was better and more secure. I’ve used it for quite a while now with no complaints. Version 3.0.11

    Hey 30,
    Yeah I loved it too until 3.0 – dont’ know why but my computer and it are not very friendly. I suppose it could have something to do with the fact that I have an older computer and it’s just too tired or overweight to really get with FF. Could be.

    .-= PiedType´s last blog ..The confirmation circus begins =-.


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