A Memory – Theme Friday

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Sally dug in her garden and reveled in the scent that filled her nostrils. She felt the pulse of the earth as the loamy soil sifted through her fingers. The heat of the sun sunk deep into Sally’s bones and rested there like the arm of an old friend. Her old straw hat cast a floppy shadow as the still nimble hands worked their magic – it would be her best garden yet.

A flutter to her left drew Sally’s eyes up. A bluebird, a jay, perched on the garden wall and pretended not to be there. Birds often perched on that wall and ignored her while being intensely interested in her activities but this bird was different.

Its brilliant blue feathers sparkled in bright morning shine and a memory from Sally’s long ago lilted by. “Blue eyes…the brightest blue eyes,” she said aloud and the Jay cocked its head as though to listen harder.

Sally hadn’t thought of Will for a long while – it had been forever since her life had included him. But now he was there and palpable. His laugh. His crooked grin and the blonde hair that always fell in his eyes. Her heart fluttered like a young girl on her way to a first school dance. How she had loved him and the old sycamore that brought them together. They laughed about everything. They danced under the moon and wished upon stars that shone only for them. At times, they were one soul, one heart, one mind. Sally sat in the memory for a long moment and listened to the music that was their life and she smiled.

The jay squawked and took flight and Sally came back to her garden – the blue of the sky was all that remained.


Christine’s memory sparkles here and Jess’s memory chimes here.


6 thoughts on “A Memory – Theme Friday

  1. “And listenend to the music that was their life…”

    Love that line. It’s absolutely perfect. This was quite lovely, and I sat in the garden with Sally and reveled in the memory with her.

    Hey Jess,
    I think that our memories do store in different ways – music is key for me and apparently Sally too. I’m glad you took a moment to sit in the garden with Sally. Thanks.

    .-= blooot´s last blog ..Theme Friday: A Memory =-.


  2. What a sweet memory! i like those wistful moments, the randomness of what brings them to the surface. i love the vividness of all that calls up the memory. i loved- i especially loved- your use of the word ‘loamy’. i really like that word and i’ve hardly seen it used.

    Hey Chica,
    Loamy is a great word, isn’t it? I love it too. It is amazing what sparks a memory or re-ignites it, isn’t it? Something as simple as a bird can set your mind to flight and who knows where you will land?

    .-= christine´s last blog ..Theme Fridays: a memory =-.


  3. This is lovely, and I can testify from personal experience that birds can trigger memories – though in my case, it’s usually the song that takes me back.

    Hey Chaz,
    Birds have a significance for me as well. I feel a strong connection to them, their curiosity and their love of flight and freedom – songs take me back too – music in any form has a very transcendant quality.

    .-= CGHill´s last blog ..Quote of the week =-.


  4. You are not going to believe this but I have more or less the exact same story of Michaels around my mothers death on the 2nd July and a Blackbird.

    Hi Annie. How beautiful, reading this piece I felt like Sally and you were writing about one of my mornings but the blue bird is black and my memory is my mother.

    ‘The heat of the sun sunk deep into Sally’s bones and rested there like the arm of an old friend’. Love it. Thank you. Di

    Hey Di,
    Yes, it does seem that birds do trigger memories, as others have said. For me as well, there is something about birds that is comforting and yet alien – in a nice way.

    I know you celebrated your mom on the 2nd – me too, the 2nd of July was my dad’s birthday. So funny how we all seem so attuned to one another, isn’t it?


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