Weathering the Storm

weathering-the-storm, tough times, job problems, money worries

It’s an old phrase and speaks to tough times. Something I think many of us are going through right now. This morning I had some time and traveled my blog neighborhood to see what was happening with my neighbors only to find that there was little new. This isn’t meant to chide anyone, it was just an observation that lately there hasn’t been a lot of posting going on. At least in my circle of bloggers.

Unusual I thought because most of my blogroll are pretty active and it made me wonder what was happening. Oh sure, it’s summer and people are out and about more in the warmer months and there are more family outings and vacations – but really it’s dead quiet out there. It gave me pause.

And I do think that life is kicking a lot of people’s butts right now, so something as trivial as blogging isn’t taking a front seat. Fair enough, one does have to pay attention to their lives from time to time, no question about that. I certainly haven’t been immune to that at all, in fact, quite the opposite – life has been, in a phrase, kicking my butt lately.

I started thinking this morning back to the last time that things seemed so tough. Overwhelming even. When it was just hard to get out of bed to face another day of shitstorm and worries. 1992-1993 was it for me. I’d been working for a consulting firm at the time and suddenly they weren’t able to pay me or the other 100 employees on their payroll. It got ugly and very difficult. I’d heard chatter on the news (which I didn’t pay much attention to) that the economy was not doing so good but it didn’t occur to me that getting another job was going to be difficult. I’d always been able to get work and this time would be no different.

However, it was different. Very different. I looked and looked, applied and applied to no result. It was very hard on the morale because let’s face it, after continued rejection and lack of results our egos take a beating. I fought the feelings of being useless and unhireable but truth be told, many times I gave in to them too. Times were dark. Very dark. I could barely pay my rent and many bills went unpaid because I had to eat and I had to pay my rent. I decided to go back to waitressing at that point, which had always been a fall back position for me. I wasn’t sure if I could handle it again but I had little choice, so I swallowed my doubts and fears and pounded the pavement until I found a restaurant that would hire me. I then proceeded to work my buns off for about half the income I was used to earning. Tough as it was, I couldn’t complain because I had work and I had food and I had a place to live. Not much else, but I did have that.

And now the ‘economy’ or whatever the hell it is this time, has reared its ugly head again. I don’t know if I will start waitressing again – I’m older and a bit creakier than I was back then and who knows if people are even eating out anymore, but so far it’s been my fallback workable solution, so chances are I’ll give it a try.

The point of this is not how I’m going through tough times so much as how I feel everyone is and to say, I hear you. I know that things are hard right now for pretty much everyone. But I also know that most of us are tough enough and strong enough to weather the storm. Especially if we can lean on each other a little. That sure helps, doesn’t it? What about you? What are you doing to weather the storm of these uncertain times. Tips, ideas, solutions, problems?

8 thoughts on “Weathering the Storm

  1. Hi Annie, I love the picture, I think it says it all what I would like to say here. Can you see that little bit of brightness in the clouds that are shifting.

    A little story here. Emotional I’ve never been very stable ( Or maybe I am and I just don’t think I am ) and practically not much better. For the last 20 or so years have rented propery and been in low paid jobs just making ends meet and claiming benefits as a single parent. It was hard, really hard but I’d never known it to easy ( until now )

    Five years ago a friend ( not a very close one ) travelled the distance of England to come and visit me with an offer. His exact words were ‘ Diane I’d like to give you some money to buy yourself a house, will you except my offer ‘ and I got given £130.000. I found an house for £86.000 and gave the rest of the money back. Can you believe that – Me neither but its true. Some-one came into my life and showed me kindness in a way I’d never experienced where big money was concerned. Today I don’t have no job and no money but I have the security of a home withour rent or a moragage – In fact I own a bloody house now. Hehe ! A beach house.

    You never know whats around the next corner Annieo, you really don’t. I would have never ever have predicted that someone would come into my life and give me financial security around the home area of my life. NEVER. I do have little faries here and there, I really do, some stories I have told you already and I guess this is just one of those little stories. My friends can’t believe it and sometimes I have to pinch myslef.

    To weather my storms I smile – maybe weak and maybe feeble but never the less I smile. Urmm ! Got another little story about my thoughts on smiling what I’ve been thinking this week but I’m aware I’m taking up toooo much of your blog.
    I’d love to be a waitress or a cocktail waitress where you get to dress up every day. x I love you Annie, we all do. Keep smiling even if you don’t want to, good thing about storms is that they freshen things up and pass.
    Love Di. x

    Di, that is a wonderful story. I think you do have some magic faeries or something in your life. And no, I’m not surprised that you gave some of the money back – that seems just like you to me. I’m glad you have your beach house and your lovely patio with your plants and pots.

    Don’t worry about taking up too much of my blog – never worry about that. My home is your home.

    Yes, the storms do clean out the old, don’t they?



  2. Hi Annie,

    We’re doing pretty good surprisingly enough. Things were tight for a bit – my wife’s business was very slow and we had the added expense of our son’s wedding – but things have picked up lately. Business is back almost to normal, we finished paying off our credit cards (at least until I charged my new lap top) the summer hay crop is going to be good, and some friends brought me enough fire wood for the winter. That last part is really nice as it will not only save us the expense of buying wood, but I’ll get much needed exercise beating it into smaller pieces with a splitting maul. Actually, I’ll probably get more exercise than I really need, considering the amount of wood waiting to feel my wrath. It’s looking like I’m going to do some serious bulking up. Of course, that means my clothes won’t fit and I’ll have to buy all new and that’ll be expensive. Dang, even free stuff seems to cost money.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    yup, it’s always something, eh? 🙂 Still, the idea of a new wardrobe would inspire me to chop some of that free wood. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

    .-= the Grit´s last blog ..I can’t believe he told the truth! =-.


  3. Um, uh.
    Well, in my house…we laugh. We make fun of things, and find the humor in situations, and take a twisted view as needed to amuse ourselves.
    Otherwise? Red wine. Red wine makes all things better.

    Note to self: Must go and get red wine a.s.a.p. Thanks, honey. 🙂

    .-= blooot´s last blog ..I hate my dog =-.


  4. Things aren’t tough here, but we’re cautious. (Although we’ve always kind of been that way.) We’re staying close to home, enjoying the simple things and trying to savor every last second of summer that we can. 🙂

    I’m with you Mrs V – savor every second we can. 🙂

    .-= Mrs. V´s last blog ..This is my brain on summer vacation =-.


  5. Annie, Despite my last blog post, something seems to be changing/lifting. I had what could be called a spiritual experience last Friday, visiting a local stream. The next day, we went to the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Getting out of town really helped. It was the first day in 1.5 months I hadn’t cried at least once.
    I guess my “fallback” job would be legal secretary, something I dread and never want to do again, but I will if I have to. I’m trying to take it moment by moment. I found your post very inspiring–hang in there.
    And I finally did rent a couple of funny movies: “Juno” (loved it) and “Team America: World Police” (if you haven’t seen it, you must! from the South Park guys). Take care of yourself! Hang in there…

    Hey Sandra,
    Yup, we sometimes have to do what we have to do, dont’ we?

    I’m so glad to hear that you got out and about and it lifted your spirits. There is nothing like a change of scenery (especially a lovely one) to make you feel better.

    Maybe you could find a legal secretary job in a small firm where they would appreciate you more – where it is more like a family than a group of cold hearted individuals? Or a firm that specializes in defending/representing some cause that is important to you. That could make it much more palatible, don’t you think?

    Team America is one of the funniest movies I ever saw. I love that movie. It is hilarious. I really loved the ‘love scene’ and couldn’t stop laughing at that. And theme song – too freeking funny.

    .-= Sandra L.´s last blog ..Somehow, I just don’t know… =-.


  6. Hi Annie,

    I’m doing better than expected! Today’s doctor visit was so good that, in an effort to find something wrong with me, I have to go to two specialists this week! All the previous problems I’ve had – high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar – are under control, and I begin to suspect that the doctors are just looking for additional sources of income!

    Crap, but it just seems like you are not allowed to win!
    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    No worries, my friend, when that national healthcare nonsense kicks in – you won’t be able to get in to see a doctor if your life depended on it. 😉

    .-= the Grit´s last blog ..Speaking of health care… =-.


  7. Hi Annie,

    It occurred to me that my doctor may just be getting everything covered now while he can. He’s really good and would probably think of something like that. I’d post his name and practice with high recommendations, but he doesn’t accept new patients.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    I was wondering about that myself to tell you the truth. And he probably isn’t taking any new patients because he has a practice full of happy ones.

    .-= the Grit´s last blog ..And if your blood pressure isn’t already too high… =-.


  8. Hi Annie,

    Went through the eye check today, and every thing’s fine. Yeah. I still continue to be healthier than my life style should permit. Excuse me a moment while I go mix another pitcher of martinis and light another cigar. On the other hand, I am down to 188 pounds from 225, which was a really good thing while I was hanging out topless in front of the skin doctor lady and her female nurse. It was really nice not to spend the whole session thinking to myself, “don’t look at my beer gut! Don’t look at my beer gut!”

    Actually, and ignoring the fact that I’m happily married, and given my new, and not all that completely disgusting physique, I’m thinking that there may have been a small chance that, should I have tried, one or both of the female medical attendants in the room while I had my shirt off wouldn’t have slapped me if I suggested the potential of a physical relationship. And if you think this means that my ego is in need of stroking – I can’t even go there. Sorry Barb, I don’t know how I write myself into these situations.

    the Grit

    LOL Grit,
    I’m thinking the martinis might have something to do with it??? And who is Barb? Glad to hear you are doing well and have the physique of a frisky colt. 😉

    .-= the Grit´s last blog ..And if your blood pressure isn’t already too high… =-.


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