Signs it May Be Time for a Makeover

1. You’ve been wearing the same bra for the last two years and figure it’s got at least two more years before the elastic totally goes.
2. You’ve had the same hairstyle since you were three
3. You don’t know that ruffles don’t look good on anyone over the age of five.
4. You’re waiting for blue eyeliner to come back
5. You think beige is the new black
6. You’re using your son’s backpack for a handbag
7. You think lime green looks good on you
8. You’re still wearing the blue sweatpants that require a big safety pin to hold them up.
9. Spandex is the mainstay of your wardrobe
10. You’re still wearing your maternity clothes from five years ago because they are so comfortable.
11. Maxine is your role model

As usual, feel free to add to the list.


6 thoughts on “Signs it May Be Time for a Makeover

  1. You find the exact same pair of your favorite jeans in your mother’s closet.

    Your child asks you to stay home from the first day of Kindergartedn…because your hair looks too weird.

    Your husband, who still wears tee shirts from college, asks if you if you plan on ever wearing shoes again. As in, something other than flip flops.

    LOL Jess, the dreaded ‘mom wears the same jeans’ discovery. And hey, what’s wrong with flip flops? They’re shoes, really, I promise. 😉


  2. Your toe nails are actually lime green.
    Your kids introduce you to their new freinds as Diane.
    You realize all your knickers and bras are not pale blue and grey but really OFF white.
    You don’t even bother wearing jeans.
    Hard skin on the bottom of yer feet is stronger than any good leather shoes.
    You think that having one long brown middle finger is normal.
    American tan tights become appealing.


    You can’t get a boyfriend. Hehe !
    Love Di.

    Hey Di,
    you’re good at this – and are we related? 😆


  3. Ha ha !

    Da Street Chic.
    Did you get the American tan tights one ( there to cover your unshaven legs )
    Love Di.
    Oh and a last one.
    You’ve had your glasses stuck in your hair for three weeks.
    Yes true. Had to wear my hat for three weeks until I got the courage to go to the hairdresses to get them cut out. I don’t think you’d want to be related to me darling. My sister hates it.

    OH Jesus Di! You actually got your specs tangled up in your hair? Poor girl. Hope the haircut turned out okay. 😉


  4. You know, my friend still wears blue eye liner and on her, it works. She is a pretty brunette with brown eyes. But still, I remember my days with the blue makeup. LOL!

    Hey Girl!
    My sister does too and blue mascara. It’s true she has startlingly blue eyes but really, let’s get out of the 80’s, eh? That being said, like your friend she does seem to be able to pull it off.

    Annie 🙂


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