The Sea – Theme Friday

the-sea, theme friday, writer chick, fiction

Emerald blue and crystal green dreams that rush the shore and explode in an ecstacy of froth.

Chatters hum from oiled denizen. Spray. Swat. Snooze. Kick sand. Splash. Shells sparkle – treasures given and snatched back when you reach for them.

Sun leaves its mark- red, brown, butterscotch, fushia. Flirts with clouds that fluff across the sky, waving hello and goodbye.

Laughter makes song that nestles in deep and warms our winter nights. Our Christmas by the sea.

Christine’s sea ebbs and tides here

Jess’s seashore flows here.

6 thoughts on “The Sea – Theme Friday

  1. Are y’all having a good time? That’s what I want to know {{plus all the details of course}} – my gosh, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a picture of the whole lot of you- Be safe, have fun- Love, Anne

    Hey Bella,
    Yup, we’re having fun. don’t know if we’ve managed to get any decent pics but we’ll all have stories when we return. 🙂

    .-= JavaQueen´s last blog ..Dog Sitting =-.


  2. This is beautiful! From the perfect first line to the last- this is the sea. You’ve painted it with words and it is lovely.

    Thank you chica- it’s funny that we both chose poems for this theme – and I’m glad we did – yours is remarkable – truly. Good job, us. 😉

    .-= christine´s last blog ..Theme Fridays: sea =-.


  3. Hi Annieo,

    I can smell the laughter of the sea. Thank you.
    Love Di.

    Ps. I can’t believe that they may be no decent pictures.

    Hey Di,
    Yeah, the sea was definitely laughing. I never said there were no decent pictures. hehe. I will send you a couple.


  4. Memories as numerous as the shells on the shore.
    Each one to be treasured.

    Hey Pam,
    You’ve got that right and then some. Thank you.


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