Cheer Up!

If you’re feeling even the slightest bit down, watch this vid – it will brighten your day. I promise!

This was sent to me from my friend Jenny and here’s the scoop:

This video was made in the Antwerp, Belgium Central (Train) Station on the 23rd of March 2009.
. . . with no warning to the passengers passing through the station,
at 08:00 am a recording of Julie Andrews singing ‘Do, Re, Mi’ begins to play on the public address system.”
As the bemused passengers watch in amazement, some 200 dancers begin to appear from the crowd and station entrances.
They created this amazing stunt with just two rehearsals!

5 thoughts on “Cheer Up!

  1. My favorite part is the older ladies covering their mouth’s and gasping – LOL! Too funny! Some people are tapping and clapping and smiling – some are just staring with their mouth’s dropped open… like “deer in headlights” *snort* Fun stuff Annie!

    Hey Bella,
    I know, I loved the crowd reactions too. Heck, I would have loved to have been in the crowd. 😉

    .-= JavaQueen´s last blog ..Dog Sitting =-.


  2. That was purty cool. I would have loved to have been there.

    Me too, Lolly – me too. Now what would really be fun is if it was a bunch of bloggers doing that number. 😆

    .-= Lolly´s last blog ..For You =-.


  3. Hi Annie

    Day brightened up, absoutly brilliant ~ wish I was there in the blood to really be part off. Amazing. Hehe !!
    Love Di.


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