5 thoughts on “Must Watch this Vid!

  1. Uhm….well….you might want to investigate that a little more, Annie…google it and see what you find. I was asked to investigate this Glen Beck deal just this morning….what he’s presenting isn’t really a ‘fair and balanced’ approach! LOL

    Hey Gracie,
    you know I love you but…I beg to differ. Here is a follow up vid to the this one.

    And I’m not sure what fair and balanced has to do with anything. Fox News didn’t put the disclaimer on that website, the government did. That they took it down after the uproar proves nothing except that maybe they didn’t expect people to notice it.

    To me, this isn’t about party lines or political affiliations, this is about the fact that our rights are eroding day after day and they seem to be eroding quite a bit faster lately.

    I don’t really care if it was up for two seconds or two months – it was there and that’s the point. It seems to me it would give any American citizen pause – it did me.



  2. If you watched Glenn Beck on 8/3/09 he eluded to the fact that the goverment went in and took the wording out of that site…more Obama damage control, but what happened happened to those first 4 billion dollars in traffic through the goverments cars or DOT site hmmmm I wonder :mrgreen: Your liberties are being taken away from under your nose and people are blinded by the Messiah

    Yeah they took it down but it’s no indication they aren’t still doing it. Just the fact that somebody would put there in the first place is alarming. Do they think we’re all idiots and will just say, ‘hell yeah, I’ll give up my right to privacy?” They must.


  3. 🙂 Well, I was just trying to say his panic mongering has already been debunked. Here are a couple of interesting articles….But then, people are always free to believe what they choose…..

    Yeah, okay. I decided though after looking at the articles I didn’t want to link to them, as they didn’t strike any less biased then what they were claiming Beck to be. I mean, seriously? An article from daily kos? Sorry, not linking to them – talk about unfair and unbalanced. As you said, we’re all free to believe what we want – at least for now. 😉


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