Weird Chick 7

seal-with-shades, weird wednesdays, weird chick

Welcome back to Weird Wednesdays – we’ve had a two week hiatus I have been scouring the Internet for more weird delights for you, so never fear, weird is here.

I had a great story about flying men and the future but the link went dead. Sorry it was a hum dinger… Perhaps this Weird Vid will tickle your fancy:

Weird Art took a decided human turn this week. Gotta love the hair, hey?

cheetah-hand, weird art, weird chick, weird wednesdays

tatoo-face, weird chick, weird wednesdays 

weird-hair, weird chick, weird wednesdays

Our Weird Products are fun too

cheesecake-lollipops, weird wednesdays, weird chick

Cheesecake lollipops, for the discerning palette – available at Amazon of course.

sun-moon-jars, weird wednesdays, weird chick 

Solar sun/moon jars – this is too cool, eh? Here’s the link if you need to buy a few.

iamnotapapercup and who doesn’t want the Iamnotapapercup? Made of porcelain and double insulated. Though I have to admit, I won’t be replacing my coffee mugs with one of these any time soon, some people might want the take out look with their coffee? Go figure.


What new papa doesn’t want a pair of man boobs? Although, at least we girls cover em up, put those things away dad!

So, there you have it another day of weird just for you. What about you, seen anything delightfully weird? Send it to me, I’ll be happy to put it up next time.

Weird Chick

3 thoughts on “Weird Chick 7

  1. oh my, oh my! I do like the solar sun/moon jars, tho. nifty!

    Hey C!
    I thought the jars were pretty cool myself – I’m wondering if I can figure out how to make my own. LOL.


  2. I am more than disturbed by the moobs. Seriously. HOLD A BOTTLE. It’s less icky. I mean, I’m a mom. I’ve breastfed. But it didn’t look LIKE THAT.

    Men do not have boobs. Men do not breastfeed. THE END. Swear to God. Ew.

    LOL Jess,
    I had a feeling the moobs would creep you out. You’re hilarious.

    .-= blooot´s last blog which I laugh at myself. kind of. =-.


  3. I really like the solar jars-they are cool. The cat playing the piano was crazy- totally enjoyed that. Pam

    Hey Pam,
    You know, I liked them too – LOL – I’m thinking I might try to make some. I’m so handy and everything. And that cat is a keeper, eh?



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