Maybe's – Theme Friday

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You cannot make someone love you no matter how much you may love them. It cannot be forced, faked or transferred. It either is or it is not. There are no maybe’s. But we, frail human beings that we are, are relentless in our hopes and so must hang on to the maybe’s:

Maybe they didn’t mean that awful thing they said (it cut like a knife)
Maybe they will change their mind (minds rarely change)
Maybe I imagined the snub (i felt invisible)
Maybe I am being too sensitive (what’s wrong with that?)
Maybe if was prettier, thinner, smarter, funnier, nicer, more agreeable???… (i shouldn’t be me)
Maybe things will change with time (get worse)
Maybe I did something wrong (let the second guessing begin)
Maybe I am not a good enough (friend, lover, employee, colleague, equal…)

But eventually, even the most persistent among us gives up:

Maybe it was never there in the first place (i didn’t see what i saw)
Maybe it was all one-sided (i wanted it so bad i made it up)
Maybe it wasn’t meant to be (let’s blame fate)
Maybe I am clueless about life and people (i don’t know what i know)

Maybe the sky is blue or it will fall. Maybe it’s all a matter of perspective. Maybe things just change.

We can and do drive ourselves mad with the maybe’s and rather than look the truth square in the eye somehow prefer to filter our worlds with the maybe’s and maybe that’s not bad – maybe it makes it easier for us to swallow life’s disappointments and mysteries or maybe it just makes more maybe’s.

Christine’s maybe’s are here  and  Jess’s are maybe here


5 thoughts on “Maybe's – Theme Friday

  1. This is so accurate and real, it hurts.
    This is perfect. Thoughtful, moving.
    i wish i would’ve thought of it. 🙂

    Another great week, Chica.

    Hey Chica,
    Thanks – I’ve been thinking about this stuff lately – guess that’s where it came from…but then maybe I think too much, eh? 😉

    .-= christine´s last blog ..Theme Fridays: maybes =-.


  2. Rocks Annie. I love it. I love the parentheses…the reality of the maybes.

    LOL, Jess…
    Rocks? Like rocks in my head – I wouldn’t doubt it. 😆 Just the stuff that makes us nuts, don’t you think? Yeah…I think so.
    Annie 🙂

    .-= blooot´s last blog ..Theme Friday: Maybes =-.


  3. Hi Annie.

    Loved your maybes post and have just gone on a mad trip off ‘Thinking about my maybes’ I love the maybes with awe.
    Love Di.

    Hey Di,
    Oh no, don’t get into the maybes – they aren’t nice. They really aren’t.


  4. Hi Annieo.

    Thinking about my maybes and what you said. Could maybes not be classed as choices
    Maybe I’ll get a boyfriend.
    Maybe I’ll travel the world.
    Maybe I’ll learn to drive.
    Maybe I’ll be a guinea pig for a new lung drug.
    Maybe I’lll work again.
    Maybes are great if your a daydreamer.
    With love and maybe one day I’ll meet you.
    Di. x

    Hey Di,
    I have to admit, those are nice maybe’s. Yeah, maybe we will meet one day. That would be fun.


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