Weird Chick 8

Welcome back to another thrilling and Weird Wednesday. As always, I search the Internet for the weirdest weird I can find and bring it to you to feed your weird fix.

Kicking off with Weird News, this Squirrel seems to have a bit of Lindsay Lohan in him, doncha think? Click the pic for the link to the story.

squirrel-crasher, weird wednesdays, weird chick, weird


Weird Art got a run for it’s money with these entries:

manbirdidont-know, weird wednesdays, weird chick, writer chick it’s a man, it’s a bird???

APTOPIX India Michael Jackson Reax, weird wednesdays, weird chick, writer chick an homage to the king of pop

weird-costumes-bangkok, weird wednesdays, weird chick, weird, writer chick and for the pet elephant who has everything…

Our favorites for Weird Products are decidedly blogger friendly:

butt_cooler I mean what blogger doesn’t need an ass cooler and since it’s a usb connector you don’t even need to find an outlet for it.

airconshirt_b And why not also get the usb air-conditioned shirt for those hot blogging nights. Links to both products can be found by clicking on the pics.

And finally, our Weird Video for the week will have you looking twice.

That’s all for this week – hoping you have a wonderfully weird Wednesday. And be sure to send me any weird you may find yourself, I’ll be sure to add it to the finds.

Weird (Writer) Chick

One thought on “Weird Chick 8

  1. Hi Annnie.
    Maybe all us blogging people should have the word Blog Off tattooed in 3D on our foreheads ~ smiling. How wierd would that be. Loved the tattooes and the wierdy little elephent owners that dress up thier elephents.
    Thanks Annieo.
    Love wierd

    Hey Di,
    Yeah, the tatoos were something and those panda suits – too cute.


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