Note to Self – Theme Friday


1. Before you give your heart to someone, it’s a good idea to see if they have a heart themselves.
2. The only person you should truly have expectations about is yourself, everyone else is a crap shoot
3. Never under-estimate the ability of another person to consume your half and half
4. If you leave that last piece of cake for later, hide it in your sock drawer, even the worst room mate won’t look there.
5. If you don’t desire to be a door mat, refrain from lying on the floor as a matter of course
6. Regardless of party affiliation, lawmakers will always make stupid, intrusive and annoying laws that will piss you off
7. Wedgies are no fun
8. Always have a back up plan – especially if you’re absolutely certain you don’t need one.
9. Bitterness leaves a bad taste in your mouth
10. Chocolate and a long walk can solve most anything that’s bothering you
11. Most arguments and fights are stupid and unimportant – get over it
12. If somebody is in trouble, help them if you can. If you’re in trouble and somebody offers to help, let them.
13. Never need anyone’s approval – if someone thinks you need their approval, cross them off your Christmas list
14. Life sucks most of the time but sometimes it doesn’t – learn to tell the difference
15. No matter how tired you are, always brush your teeth before you go to bed – it just makes sense.

For Christine’s notes go here and for Jess’s post-its go here 


4 thoughts on “Note to Self – Theme Friday

  1. i really like this. It made me smile, and that’s an accomplishment lately. i especially appreciate numbers 1, 5, 6, 7 and 10- though they are all helpful notes. 🙂

    Hey Chica,
    LOL – I think I’d have to agree with you on those. Sorry you’re not smiling much these days – I know how you feel – but things often change when you least expect it. You know?

    Hey, where’s our partner in crime? Jess?????

    .-= christine´s last blog ..Theme Fridays: note to self =-.


  2. Hi Annieo.

    Note to self – How cool is this. Love your notes and your little explanations to them. I can use them all for me too. Thanks for reminding me that no matter how tired I am to brush my teeth before bed. Yes it does make sense but in my tiny mind I’m waiting to get a boyfriend before I committ myslef fully to that task. Hehe !! Hmm ! Odds are my teeth will get all bad and fall out if I don’t commit now and then there won’t be a cat in hells chance of finding a boyfriend. I’m sure it must be harder with out any teeth. Chuckling.
    Have a great week-end Annie
    Love Di.

    Hey Di,
    Yeah, I’m thinking having teeth would be a benefit for a future boyfriend, they do tend to like it when their girlfriends smile, right? You’re funny.


  3. Oh, man, you must have been thinkng of me when you wrote some of those. Recently I celebrated my 45th birthday. Someone I thought of as a friend didn’t even get me a card because she’s perpetually “broke”. I mean, how much is a frigging card? You can draw one, for x*&(&(&#$#@ sake. And this is after I gave her a $50 gemstone bracelet, handmade by yours truly, for her 30th b-day. I gave my heart away to her much too soon. And I had expectations. Silly me.

    Sometimes, too, I think I need my hubby’s approval for things. Nuh-uh……

    Hey Sandra!
    I’m not sure who I was thinking of but my list kind of wrote itself. Sometimes things happen that way, don’t they? Happy belated berfday. I know how you feel I had the worst berfday ever this year. The good news is that it can only get better, right?
    Annie 🙂

    .-= Sandra L.´s last blog ..Somehow, I just don’t know… =-.


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