Green – Theme Fridays



Green is the color of the sea and my eyes. It is the color of my garden in spring and summer, the forest, and the rolling hills outside my window.

The color of rejuvenation. Of new life. Of time leaving a patina behind to mark its passing. It is emeralds, onions and frogs. It is what rustles in the breeze, in the dark, under a sky illuminated by distant stars.

It is moss that creeps, hospital walls, and my favorite flavor of jello. It is peace and nature, soothing and cooling. Mint juleps and parasols carried by ladies of the past. It is envy, inexperience and in some cases, nausea.

It is Irish, turtles and seaweed. The color of all seasons and the one I favor most of all.

copyright 2009


Christine’s green-ness can be found here.  Jess will be taking a leave of absence for a little while but we keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

One thought on “Green – Theme Fridays

  1. As i said last night, this is beautiful. And the way you read it made it come alive.

    i love Theme Friday so much. i enjoy the comraderie, the inspiration and support you, Jess & i share.

    Good work, as always, Chica. 🙂

    Hey Chica,
    It was wonderful to hear your voice. I love Theme Fridays too – even if it just ends up being for us.


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