Broke – Theme Friday

Broke, break, broken, breaking.
I’m broke. (I hear you, brother)
You’re gonna break me. (Not a chance)
Too broke to pay attention. (That would be me)
Nobody knows you when you’re (broke) down & out (Oh yeah)

You broke my heart. (You dawg)
Brokeback Mountain. (Seriously?)
You can’t break me (I dare you to try)
Breaking up is hard to do (But it’s a nice song)
Morning has broken…like the first morning (Cat Stevens, remember him?)

The straw that broke the camel’s back (Mighty big straw, eh?)
Even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day (A-yup)
If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. (As if I could)
Broke the bank (Don’t we wish?)

Broke down (uh-huh)
Break down (oh-oh)
Break dance (Is that still in style?)
Break-neck speed (We love to go fast)

Breakfast (brokefast?)
I’m hungry, let’s take a break.

copyright 2009


See how Christine is breaking out

6 thoughts on “Broke – Theme Friday

  1. Good Themed Friday Morning.

    B R O K E . I was a bit confused at first reading and waiting for the song to play as I thought your Broke was the lyrics to the song and you’d put your own little slant on the lyrics in brackets. I thought how cool is that ( I want to do that with my next song ) but God forbid I want to be labelled as a copy cay. Hehe !! Fact is I wouldn’t be because thats not the case is it.

    Oh Annie your broke themes touches me so because I know its where you’ve been of recent. If ever anyone has had a tormenting upsetting year its you and this post reads to me that Annies spirit is mending and no longer will you put up with all the shit that has been thrown at you just recently work, love, moving, etc, etc.

    That camels back will not be broke. Youre fucking brilliant excuse the french. Do you mind if I post the lyrics here to Eric’s song down and out.

    Well, once I lived the life of a millionaire,
    Spent all my money, didn’t have any cares.
    Took my friends out for a a mighty fine time
    Boot leg whiskey, champagne and wine

    Then I began to fall so low,
    Lost all my good friends had no place to go
    If I get my hands on a dollar again
    I’m gonna hold on to it until the old eagle grins

    Nobody knows you when you’re down and out
    In your pocket not one penny
    And as for friends, you ain’t got any.

    Soon as you get on your feet again,
    Everybody wants to be your long-lost friend
    I think it’s strange, without any doubt
    Nobody knows you when you’re down and out

    Love Di. x

    Hey Di,
    Sorry if I confused you – the vid just seemed to be right for the post.

    Yeah, it’s been a sucky year but others have had it worse – mostly I’m just trying to make fun of it – because really what else are you going to do about it?

    Fucking brilliant, that is a very acceptable phrase here in Writer Chick World – use it anytime you like. 😆

    I’m glad you posted the lyrics – it’s a great song. Have fun at the festival.

    Annie xo


  2. Hey A. Sorry, again. Sick little boy means very little time outside of my own head, and absolutely no writing.
    This is fabulous. As always. My heart aches for you, for where you’ve been, but I SO understand. I wrote a whiny “why am I so poor?” post last weekend because I was feeling the pinch. More of a total squeeze, actually.

    Much love, my dear. Fabulous piece.

    Hey J,
    No worries and no reason to apologize – seriously, no reason at all. Life is tossing us all a lot of curve balls. We’re here, always will be. You know?

    Wow, you wrote a ‘why am I so poor?’ post? I must read it – cuz I was wondering the same damn thing.

    Much love to you, honey, always.



  3. According to Renee, break-dancing is still cool. 🙂
    Wonderful work, Annie. i love “(i dare you to try)“.

    No one’s going to break you. You are of sound mind and spirit. How do i know? It shows in your writing.

    Hey Chica,
    Tell Renee I said thanks for keeping me in the loop on current trends – always good to have an authority close to hand. 😉

    LOL – sound mind and spirit – sorry but I’m sure there are plenty who would argue that point. But I am lovably eccentric, eh? We’re all going to get through, huh? You betcha.

    Annie xo


  4. I like these, and the gentle transition to the various states of breaking and brokenness.

    Broken is beautiful, I think. It’s certainly far more interesting than flawless.

    Hello Julia & welcome.
    I don’t know if I think that broken is beautiful but it is definitely more real. Even the most perfect among us are infinitely flawed and I too find beauty in the blemishes and the quirks more than the perfection.

    Thanks for reading.

    Writer Chick


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