10 Signs You Belong in an Adult Day Care Center

adult day care center

In recent years I’ve noticed that Adult Daycare Centers have been established. I must say I did have to strain my brain to figure out what the heck those were. I certainly know what Daycare Centers are, they are places where working parents leave their children during working hours, so they can go work to earn the money to pay for the daycare. Kind of like gang babysitting I guess.

However, Adult Daycare Centers was a new concept for me and I had to wonder under what circumstance an adult needed to be babysat (babysitted???) and why. The following is what I came up with:

1. You just can’t get the hang of those easy pull-up Depends and need the assistance of a snarly orderly to make them fit.
2. Your daughter-in-law can’t afford to let you fingerpaint on her livingroom walls anymore.
3. You like your gin tonics in a sippy cup.
4. Story-time is the highlight of your day.
5. The last time you were left home alone you burned down the kitchen making jello because you got too interested in what Oprah was saying.
6. You need to sharpen your socialization skills.
7. It’s against the law to put a gps chip in your neck (so far).
8. Your radical views about the Constitution scare people.
9. Your children can’t control you and don’t have time to watch you every minute.
10. They had some extra stimulus money to waste and the libbies needed a new voting bloc they could depend on.

As usual feel free to add to the list.



3 thoughts on “10 Signs You Belong in an Adult Day Care Center

  1. The last time you left the room to take a bathroom break you ended up two towns over, roaming the sidewalks without any pants on, asking everyone if they had some toilet paper you could ‘borrow’.

    LOL! And asking ‘where’s waldo?’ to boot! 😆


  2. You got caught using your children’s toothbrushes to clean your dentures and they are sick of hiding them from you!

    EEooooww, B, tell me you made this up and it doesn’t come from real life experience. 😆


  3. You’ve got arther – itist ( can’t spell it ) in your hands and you can’t make your own ciggies anymore and the kids are convinced that you have you’ve got alzheimer’s as all’s you want to do is dress up in sparkly outfits and sometimes you miss your lips when applying lipstick. You put super glue in a friends ear thinking its ear drops – oh the list is endless and its all true.
    Love to you Annie

    PS. I’ve not got arther-itists yet so thats a little fib. xx

    Hey Di,
    Well thank gawd you don’t have arthritis – rolling up them ciggies would be a bitch. 😉 Superglu? Really? That’s too funny.


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