Fallow – Theme Friday

fallow theme friday

The earth lay fallow
and waiting
rich in its welcome
Loamy and new
The death swept away

Embrace open to sun
thirsting for water
Aching to grow
and birth rich bounty

A maiden who whisper
to stars and
worships the moon

A canvas blank
impatient to erupt in color
and bloom

And I, with seed
and with shovel
oblige the sweet earth
to fulfill its destiny

copyright 2009


Christine’s fallow field lies here.

7 thoughts on “Fallow – Theme Friday

  1. I wrote a little poem once about fallow fields and seeds never sown. The metaphor is ripe with possibilities, isn’t it?

    I’m fascinated by the picture. I don’t know exactly what the item is, but I want it. If I saw it in a shop, I’d buy it.

    Hey 30,
    I’ll bet that little poem was pretty good.

    I do believe that the picture is representative of golden fields of grain – to coin a phrase. I like it too – a lot. I should keep track of where I find these things so we can go buy them if we want to.



  2. i like this very much, but the last two stanzas really touched me.

    This is good, Chica!

    LOL Chica! Oh, you’re just saying that. I have to admit fallow is probably not one of my favorite themes but I guess it doesn’t suck completely. Thanks. 😉


  3. “oblige the sweet earth to fulfill its destiny”…love that line. I also love the word ‘loam’, and using it in writing makes me want to chew on the words.

    I like this one, A. A lot. Seems, I don’t know. Fresh. And clean. And I want to chew on it.

    Hey Jess,
    I have to admit that no one has ever told me they wanted to chew on my words. That’s a very nice compliment albeit quirky. Yeah, fresh…the only image I could get from the prompt was a field empty but ready, you know? I guess you got the picture, eh? Thanks.



  4. It’s funny because we both said our attempts were ick.
    But yours was really good. 🙂

    i like that the fallow field- which can be the mind, the creative process, the heart or an actual field- is impatient to erupt with colors, life. It is waiting for the seed, the inspiration of you- the writer, nurturer, creator.

    We are too rough on us. Of course, there are some of my offerings that i think are amazing, but don’t receive much comment. i guess you never know. The main thing is to do the writing, get it out there, si?

    Hey Chica,
    It is weird because we both did say that – who knew?

    You and Jess really are plugged in to my brain waves here – it’s so interesting how much we’ve come to read each other so well. Your analysis of the fallow field is right on.

    I guess we’re too rough on us but maybe because of that it makes us try harder, work more, turn out better words? Yes, write and get it out there – that is the key. And now…what is our theme next week??? Let me think….. 😆


  5. Intriguing Annie. It’s speaks on so many levels, and most importantly, for me anyway, calls to mind real hope.

    – JOS

    Wow, thanks JOS – it’s just a simple little poem but maybe sometimes it’s the simple things that say the most, yes? Thanks for reading.



  6. Hi Annie,
    It’s such a lovely poem but I have to admit I don’t know the word fallow.
    Love Di.

    And I, with seed
    and with shovel
    oblige the sweet earth
    to fulfill its destiny


    Hey Di,
    Yes, it’s an unusual word and one not used often in everyday conversation. The definition from Webster’s is:

    1 : left untilled or unsown after plowing
    2 : dormant, inactive —used especially in the phrase to lie fallow

    — fal·low·ness noun

    I’m not surprised you like the last stanza being a gardening girl yourself. 🙂


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