If You Squeeze a $ Does it Squeal?

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Some time ago a friend of mine said, “Everybody knows that you can turn a quarter into a dollar,” and she was right, I really can. Suffice to say, I was born with the bargain gene. If there is a bargain, sale or dare I say a steal, anywhere within 200 paces I can smell it. This has always come in handy for me and has enabled me to find the most wonderful things and well, it’s just fun. You know?

However, the last few months has really put this ability to the test. And I have to admit that even I am having a hard time turning nothing into something. I do have a job for which I am quite grateful, especially considering that so many don’t. However, if I were eligible for unemployment I’m sad to say that I would actually be making more than I am now, working my buns off for 40 hours a week. Which really got me thinking.

How is it, that things have gotten so damn weird that it pays more to do nothing than to do something? Than to not work instead of working? That’s a real puzzler if you ask me. I suspect it has something to do with the insidious growth of the entitlement mentality. Over the last decade (if not longer) we’ve been conditioned somehow to believe that we are entitled to things simply because we want them or need them. What is that all about? Seriously, what is that all about?

I just got an email from a friend who reports that her new business is starting to flourish and she couldn’t be happier. However, she just can’t seem to save the money to get a new place to live. Her solution? Why she’s waiting for Congress to pass a law, extending unemployment benefits. Huh? She just said she had a business and it’s doing well, yet she is hoping for an extension of unemployment benefits? Is it me, or is there something wrong with this picture?

Make no mistake, I would love, love, love for some money to fall from the sky. To win the lottery or suddenly discover I had a floopy maiden aunt who just left me a boatload of money – because shit that would solve a lot of immediate problems. I could finally let go of the stress of worrying over bills and food and silly stuff like that. Right? Well maybe not, if I got a boatload of money I have a feeling I would discover all manner of new friends and long lost family suddenly be dropping by. Even strangers would be sending me letters asking for just a teeny tiny portion of it. You know why? That’s right, entitlement. People honest to God think that if someone else has a whole bunch of money that they should share it.

Well, what’s wrong with that? you might ask. Let me put it to you this way – a person who has a whole bunch of money doesn’t usually get it from out of nowhere, usually they work for it – whether it’s physical labor or mental labor or innovative genius, they usually put in a lot of time to get that reward. Now, during this phase of the operation are people clamoring to get in there and roll up their sleeves and pitch in? Ah…no, they aren’t. Yet when the rewards start rolling in – they suddenly appear. See where I’m going with this?

Anyway, much as the few dollars I have these days are squealing like little piggies from being stretched to the limit, what I’m really hoping for is more work. More ways to earn money, more ideas that can same. Because when the day comes that my money can stop squealing from pain (and they will) I want to know that I don’t owe it to anyone but myself.

What do you think?

Writer Chick

2 thoughts on “If You Squeeze a $ Does it Squeal?

  1. Hi Annie,
    Again great honest post. In England ‘we’ and I say we as I was once part of one of the groups of people that so easily seem to be able to attain benefits.I wrote a post once about our system and found a great picture to accompany it.

    I was extremely lucky with a housey situation which has erased worry with rents or morgage issues but as lucky as I felt I also knew I was helping a friend out acccepting a gift ( something to do with inheritance taxes )and gifts as such being given 7 years before a person dies but… If my friends mum dies in the next 15 months my friend will have to pay 60.000 pounds in inheritance taxes which I will willingly take some responsibility for ( somehow ).

    Hope she doesn’t die I know its awful to say that for this one situation shes 96. Hehe !! Oh I feel all awful for saying this but its true.

    Annie for some people it pays not to work in this country yes I know that’s fucked up and hey quess what if you are ill and claim disability living allowance you get a brand new bloody car every 3 years. Lots of people manage to scam the system and are driving around in top cars living the life of bloody riley without having to work a single hour.

    I live below the poverty level but will try to make a buck here and there doing what I can and where I can. I just thank God every day that I have had the worry erased around rents.

    I know that your a hard working lady and a job will come to suit soon -I just know it and the reason I know that is because your willing and have great principles and morals.

    Your words – ‘Because when the day comes that my money can stop squealing from pain (and they will) I want to know that I don’t owe it to anyone but myself. Annie coz of my house I sometimes feel that I have ( not done it by myself ) and have at times felt like….I don’t know the word to use here, like I’ve had it to easy – but as we know Annieo at times Di’s life has been no where near easy but what you’ve said here has hit a chord you said ‘whether it’s physical labor or mental labor or innovative genius, they usually put in a lot of time to get that reward. Although its not been physical labour but the mental labour and maybe a bit of innovative geniius I can own ~ smiling here.

    OMG I’m wittering – er ! Whats your post about. Kidding – great post Annie and really got me to thinking and wittering didn’t it. Hope you don’t mind the witter.

    I’m skint, having to keep warm in my bed as my boiler has broke and I have no heating or hot water but life is brilliant and a positive to not having hot water for a bath is I don’t have to worry about the bath water emptying and coming through the kitchen celing – touch. Hehe !! Getting it fixed this week.
    A smelly Di with love.

    Hey Di,
    I hope you get your boiler fixed soon, it must be pretty chilly out there. But don’t you have a fireplace or something that you can cozy next to? I always imagine English cottages with wonderful fireplaces.

    Wow, a new car every three years. Some people. We have our own brand of such types – scamming the system for one thing or another – but I can’t bring myself to do things like that. I don’t know, it would make me feel bad about myself I guess.

    We’ll be okay though, won’t we? You’ll get your boiler fixed and I be able to stop strangling my poor little dollars soon. Fingers crossed.



  2. The bloody fire has broke as well – laughing.
    Love Di.

    LOL! It’s always fucking something, isn’t it? Oh my gawd, time to get out the magic faerie dust again, eh?
    Annie 🙂


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