We Need National (Free) Healthcare Because

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Healthcare, healthcare, healthcare – we’ve all got it on our minds. We’re all worried about it, especially those with children, lousy jobs and no real prospects for the future (read, most of the nation) and it seems we all have opinions about it one way or another. Whether we think it’s a good idea, think it’s a violation of the Constitution or think it’s just a pain in the ass and yet another reason for our government to tax and control us – we think something about it.

I decided to actually ponder national healthcare for a while this weekend, between my daily walk and baking bread (who can afford a loaf of bread these days?) and came up with the following:

We need national (free) healthcare because:

1. Obama needs his legacy now, before control of Congress goes back to the pubbies.
2. The government doesn’t have enough personal information about every man, woman and child in America yet.
3. We’re not enough like Europe and Europe is really pissed off about that.
4. Congress is dangerously close to being exposed for what they’ve really done to Medicare.
5. If we don’t keep doing crap like this, that whole concept of a “living Constitution” just ain’t going to fly anymore.
6. It’s a kinder, gentler way to redistribute wealth.
7. We don’t yet have enough vapid, apathetic, incompetent government employees (and it is after all, the fastest growing industry in our economy right now).
8. Every American has to do their bit by putting in more time in Emergency Rooms across the nation.
9. Hillary must be vindicated and touted as a forward thinker, since she’s the one who came up with this idea years ago.
10. Then it will be so much easier to get that gps chip (program) inserted into all American’s necks by next Fall.
11. The government needs some excuse to make you pay more taxes.
12. The more entitled we become, the less proactive we are. Oh, and the more manageable.
13. It’s not fair that Americans have the best healthcare in the world and so the playing field must be leveled.
14. It will make it easier for the government to outlaw cigarettes, liquor, fast food and cars.

As usual, feel free to add to the list.

Writer Chick

And for more somber views on bamacare check this and this.


3 thoughts on “We Need National (Free) Healthcare Because

  1. Hi Annie,

    I don’t really know what to say here but the other week I saw a picture and read an article in our newspaper and it was a place in LA I think the town was called Inglewood or something like that and it showed hundreds of people in a large room with hundreds waiting outside to be seen by professional people like doctors dentists etc etc who give of their time volountry to help people who are ill in America.

    I just thought how wonderful that people are willing to give of their time but how fucked up is your system ? I don’t know but thanks for making us more aware of what goes down in America.
    Love Di

    Hey Di,
    Yes, Inglewood is a city out here – from your description I’m going to guess it was people waiting for a ‘free clinic’ of which the United States has many. I don’t know how fucked up our system is but I’m willing to bet if the government were less involved it would be less fucked up. But that’s just one woman’s opinion, eh? 😉


  2. Here’s another one, Annie…

    Obama owes so many, so much for getting him elected, there simply aren’t enough government programs to go around.

    – JOS

    Boy, ain’t that the truth, JOS! Of course now that he has that million plus from his momentous win of the ‘peace’ prize I’m sure he’ll be able to pay off those ‘charities’ nicely. Doncha think? 😉


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