Divorce Ain’t Funny But…

These cakes sure are! Wow, you just never know where your creativity will lead you. My only question is, do you buy a gift and have a party with these cakes or are they just for the mourning period?


head on a cake



witch divorce


4 thoughts on “Divorce Ain’t Funny But…

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha this is hilarious… I think depending on the reasons for the divorce having a party with these cakes might just be what the doctor ordered.

    Hi Silindile, thanks for the visit and comments. These cakes really are a scream, aren’t they?



  2. Hehe !!

    Hi Annie, Love the cakes bloody love them and I’m even thinking of buying one and putting it in a nice cake tin in ‘the bottom drawer’. I know I can’t seem to ‘get’ a boyfriend so a husband is probably not on the cards either BUT if I do I’ll have the cake all ready and at tin/hand. Hehe !!

    Watch out Blokes I’ve got my cake and I’m gonna fucking eat it.
    Love Di.

    LOL Di – I wonder if you can get one when you divorce your friends too? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?
    Annie 😉


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