Picture This

I don’t know why but I’m short on words this week. It happens. But I did come across some images that made me laugh. Maybe they’ll make you laugh too.

miss me

To this I’d have to answer Yes! Love him or hate him, at least we got a chuckle from time to time, unlike the stutterbum in there now.

wealth distribution

Gotta love socialism, eh?


Believe me, I’m honking!

Have a good one.


3 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. Hello Miss Annie,

    I love your title ‘ Picture this’ which brought me to viewing Blondie ‘ Debbie Harry ‘ singing it. I’m singing it to you now but I better not copy and paste the lyrics eh ! I’ve gone all punk on myself as I’m singing hey Annie quess what ? When I was younger I was accussed quite often of looking like her.

    I saw her 2 years ago she was still amazing. Sorry I never mentioned the pictures Humm ! What can I say, I think I’d like to say I wouldn’t like to give George Bush a blow job.
    Love Di.

    Hey Di,
    Gee whiz hon, I wasn’t thinking anybody would want to do that. I just thought the pics were funny.

    Rock on, sister, you’re definitely in the punk zone. 😆


  2. Hey, Annie…

    Would have stopped by sooner, but it’s been “party central” here since nObama won the Nobel Prize! Woo Hoo… I’m exhausted! We’re all partying like it’s 1999. I mean, ‘like we wish it was 1999′. Imagine, wistful for the Clinton years 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying our extended ‘4-year-long party’, too, girl – before the individual, inalienable right to do so is added to the list of things that government is controlling for us :-/

    Gotta laugh, I guess… it’s all too upsetting otherwise.

    Be well,


    Hey Debs,
    Yeah that is pretty bad when you’re wishing that Clinton was back in office. I have to hand it to him though, he did say we would miss him. I guess fact is stranger than fiction.

    Yes laugh while it’s still not a federal offense. Oh boy, what a mess. And it’s probably only going to get worse.



  3. I thought that picture was funny to and I thought that my comment was even funnier coz it was the Lady called Monica that gave him a blow job wasn’t it and it caused a right old stir.

    Hehe !! I would know way do a Monica on him. That was my point.
    Love Di. xx
    Laughing – would you ? x

    Oh dear, you seem to have confused Bill Clinton and GW Bush. I assure you not the same man at all. And no, not interested in doing a Monica. Far as I know Bush was not a philanderer as was Clinton though.

    Annie 😉


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