Is This Guy For Real?

obama thinking

I mean, seriously, all kidding aside. All lampooning asunder – what is the deal with Obama? The guy has out-spent, out-bailed-out, out-deficited, out-regulated, out-ahhed & erred, out-tanked-the-economy, out-faux-paxed, out-healthcare-billed Bush across the boards. Any ‘big’ idea he seems to have is taken from Bush’s playbook. He hasn’t fulfilled his promises to end the war, end bad economic times, lower gas prices, improve unemployment, or change anything (except to add a whole bunch of bills that will become laws), that he said he would. Yet he is still so beloved. Why? For pity’s sake why? The guy got the freeking Nobel Peace Prize because he maybe might have a good idea that he maybe might get implemented during his term.

Every bad thing that has happened during his short time in office is being blamed on Bush, yet God forbid Bush should get away with placing any blame with his predecessor – oh no, not going to happen. He made his arch enemy the Secretary of State. Even his beloved press (excluding Fox News of course, because how dare they criticize him) say that unemployment will tip ten percent probably by the end of the year. Yet pointing any of this out is tantamount to high treason or something, or you’re a hater, or a right wing nutjob – because you just aren’t being fair or giving him a chance to clean up ‘the mess’ he came into.

Somebody explain this to me. Explain to me why he is supposed to get all the excuses and understanding when there was no such thing for his predecessor, no such thing really for any previous president that I can think of – yet this guy, who has zero experience succeeding at anything gets a pass.

Really? Why? Please, I’m dying to know.

Writer Chick


8 thoughts on “Is This Guy For Real?

  1. Hi,

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    Thank you, Nalani, I’m flattered. Let me try to catch up with you this weekend.

    Email sent, look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi Annie,

    I don’t know – I don’t know.


    I love it when you try to explain stuff to yourself and share it with us the world.I think he will be getting the Noble Peace Prize for being the first Black President. Am I politicaly incorrect for saying that. I don’t know but if thats the case how racist is that. I’m probably on the wrong thread here ( hey whats new ) but here in The Fucking GREAT Britan it’s a real mess and at the moment theres such a big scandle on MP’s stealing our money claiming tax rebates on second homes that they don’t even live in.But as you know darling I know very little about how polly ticks, so I’ll leave it here.
    Thanks Annie
    Love Di

    Hey Di,
    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was politically incorrect, however, it’s probably also true – because there sure doesn’t seem to be any other reason. And maybe if that is the case, then the world is sort of congratulating itself for having brought this about and feeling smug and proud of themselves as well – of course a Nobel Peace Prize is in order here because clearly the world is now enlightened due to the fact that a black man was elected president. What happened to not judging by the color of skin but by the fabric of character?

    Hmm, sounds like your guys in GB are doing what our guys in Washington have been doing for years – putting all their costs on the people’s tab and giving themselves raises and perks every year as the great unwashed get ready to stand in the soup lines. Beautiful, eh?



  3. Well, the guy is “historic” … I mean EVERYTHING he does is historic.

    Add the Nobel Peace Price for his ‘historic’ intentions!

    That’s all I can think of right off hand … but I don’t think he’s doing quite as well as we’re being led to believe …

    Hey Steve,
    Thanks for your comments and welcome – however I’d appreciate it if you would keep the self promotion to a minimum. The links are pertinent, so I will let them stand – for now.



    1. huh?

      If the comment or links are offensive to you, simply remove them. I’m not in any need for you to let anything stand. And now that I think about, I get your ‘dig’ towards me, (we’re a bit slow here in Texas, so I admit I was somewhat baffled by your remark at first) .
      “self-promotion” … clever; but things are not always as they may appear to be.
      Have a great weekend.

      Okay, so let me get this straight – you’re offended because I called you on promoting not one but two of your posts from your blog on my blog – in your first comment, no less? It wasn’t a dig, it was simply stating a fact as far as I’m concerned.

      As to Texans being slow, that hasn’t been my experience as I’ve always found Texans to be very sharp and friendly folk. That you can’t recognize that I was simply stating a very obvious fact and I wasn’t trying to be ‘clever’ (although, I am and often – just not in this case) isn’t my problem.

      Whatever man, think what you like, makes no difference to me.

      You’re welcome to come back and comment too, if you want to but since you don’t really know me yet, it’s probably best to not assume my intentions until you know for sure.

      Have a nice weekend yourself.



      1. Ditto WC;
        And since you really don’t know me, … ” it’s probably best to not assume my intentions until you know for sure”. As you said, it was my first comment. If there was a pattern, I could understand your accusation. Putting things in perspective, you seem to talk others down, not even knowing them, thinking to elevate yourself.
        And you’re right; you statement to me wasn’t that clever.

        What is your problem? What makes you think you have the right to do or say anything you like on my blog? And I’m just supposed to go along? Perhaps the world does revolve around you everywhere else, buddy, but not here. So if you want to rant, do it in your own house. The unfortunate thing here is that I thought you had a pretty good blog and that you made some good points and was a little excited to have ‘discovered’ your blog. Now, not so much.

        And if you want to know my policy on comments and so forth, why don’t you read my ‘about’ page – that might help to enlighten you on my views.



  4. Dear Annie.

    I think everything might just be a tad corrupt in our countries.I don’t know much about all this sort of stuff but I’m sure learning from your posts ( a little ) a lot of it goes over my head but I’m just beginning to gain a little understanding. I get your comment to me big time. Sorry if I’ve upset anyone with my statement but it just seems so clear to me in that area. It seems he’s recieving the prize because hes the first black person not because of his accomplishments ( what ever HIS is meant to be )

    Yes why did the presidents before him not get any sort of prize. Sorry but I don’t feel really qualified to comment here with my lack of knowledge but I’m, intrested. Hope you don’t mind me saying. I’m just learning.
    Love Di. Thanks Annie.

    Sorry Di, I thought I responded to this comment. A tad corrupt? I think you’re being generous in that assessment. I don’t know, you seem to have a pretty good understanding of thingsd. The thing about politics (to me) is not so much having to know every single detail (which is probably impossible anyway) but just apply logic and common sense to what is happening. You seem to do that. No need to apologize.



  5. Annie, Funnily enough, I just had a conversation with a close friend about how disappointed she is with Obama’s “performance.” I am, too, but I will say I’m glad he is subsidizing my COBRA health care payments, or I’d be SOL with both my hubby and I and our (thankfully mild) medical conditions going possibly untreated.

    But yeah–I wanted national health care (recently having seen “Sicko”). I want the war to end now. I want some sort of improvement in this economy (remember FDR? well, I know you don’t actually remember him, but…)

    He’s better than W, but I’m still bummin’.

    Hope you are well and warm,

    Hey Sandy,
    Good to see you out and about. It’s interesting to hear from an Obama supporter that they are disappointed. Fair enough.

    No, I actually don’t remember FDR, although I’ve certainly heard of him. 😉

    As to Obama being better than W, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree there, okay?

    Annie 🙂


  6. With the exception of a committee of foreigners that awarded the prize, just about everyone, including Obama himself, agreed the Nobel Prize thing was inappropriate and premature. Beats me how anyone can hold someone else’s foolishness against Obama.

    It is equally premature to be comparing Obama’s performance to any previous president’s. Nine months vs. anyone else’s four or eight years is neither logical nor fair. Let’s give him his four years and then do the comparisons.

    I do think there are some things he can blame on his predecessor, some problems that originated on W.’s watch. Every president inherits problems from his predecessor, and some predecessors leave behind more problems than others. That’s just the way it is.

    I think you and I have agreed in the past that the economy, with its ups and downs, is extremely complex and somewhat cyclical, and for the most part beyond the efforts of any one man or country to influence or control. Obama & Co. poured a ton of money into trying to stop a financial disaster, a full-blown depression complete with bank runs nationwide and 25% unemployment, and we do seem to have dodged that bullet. Whether because of or in spite of Obama’s efforts, I’m not smart enough to know.

    Yes, a lot remains undone. A lot of promises remain unfulfilled. And a lot of people, including me, are feeling a bit disappointed. But we also know that, realistically, everything can’t be accomplished on Day One. We know that the president, the Executive Branch of our government, can only sign into law the bills that are sent to him by Congress, the Legislative Branch. And this Congress (both parties) has been the most contentious, most recalcitrant, most pig-headed bunch of a-holes I can remember. I don’t think they’d agree to leave the building if it were burning down around them!

    As for the media … you can have ’em, every single exaggerating, pontificating, finger-pointing one of them. Liberal, conservative, whatever flavor. They’re all alike. Obama was a fool to step into that cesspool and single out any one network for criticism.

    Hey Girl,
    Well, I definitely agree with you about the press – there is no way they even qualify as news people – except that they seem to love to be in it.

    That aside, your comments – well thought out, thoughtful and insightful seem to prove my point which is – no matter what the guy does people make excuses for him. That’s the thing that confounds me.

    I agree that Bush left him some stuff, just as Clinton left some stuff for Bush – and it is the nature of the beast. However, from Day one Bush was jumped on about everything, you name it, somebody was trying to nail him for it – so waiting to compare or evaluate someone’s performance just because he isn’t Bush doesn’t really wash for me. And I had to laugh when you said a President can’t get everything done in one day – since it seems to me, that that is exactly what the man is trying to do.

    Anyway, it may always be a mystery to me why people continue to just make excuses for him – I was just wondering is all. 😉

    Thanks for coming back and doing the comment again – I know it must have been a beotch to do. 😉


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