You May be a Right-Wing Nutjob If



1. You think giving 50% of your paycheck to the government to spend how it sees fit is unfair.

2. You actually think the Second Amendment is part of the Constitution.

3. You secretly suspect Hillary Clinton is a man.

4. You’re certain you have a right to political dissention and that union leaders can’t punch you in the gut for disagreeing with them.

5. You think the term hate crime is redundant as all crimes have an element of hate in them.

6. You believe your elected Representative should represent your interests instead of the guys who write the big check.

7. You think the President of the United States should have better things to do than pitch his home town for the Olympics. And if he doesn’t should get a cut in pay.

8. You didn’t spit on returning veterans of the Viet Nam War and call them baby killers.

9. You believe that if you want something you should go out and earn it and don’t believe that you’re entitled to anything other than pursuing your life without interference.

10. Think that 10.2% unemployment is not good news.

As usual, feel free to add to the list.



What do you think?

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