I Get a Kick Out of Me?


Maybe this is wrong but I get a kick out of me. I always have if you want to know the truth. I like having ‘in’ jokes with myself, laughing at things only I find funny, no matter how silly or inane. Perhaps it’s too much time spent alone as a child or maybe I spent too much time alone because of this eccentricity – but I could always amuse and entertain myself no matter what.

Imagination has always been a strong suit and I wear it often – it enables strange new worlds, odd and fanciful dreams and even other beingnesses  that I seem to be able to change like so many party dresses.

It takes nothing more than spying a complete stranger furrowing his brow or donning a jaunty or silly hat to get the wheels turning and the yarn spinning in my head. The story is right there, writing itself in real time as I watch on in wonder. Now that I think of it that way, I wonder if I am actually a writer or merely a stenograher for an odd set of brain cells.

Despite everything in my life that hasn’t been – let’s say an amusement park ride – I still can’t shake that part of me that can find just about anything amusing if not a outright knee slapper. Honestly, even at my lowest points in life, I could still find something to laugh about – of course usually it was some synapse exploding between my ears and issuing the punch line to me and me alone – but still…I just get a kick out of it.

How about you? Do you get a kick out of yourself? Have fun adventures without anyone else there?

2 thoughts on “I Get a Kick Out of Me?

  1. Sigh … no, I rarely find my self amusing. I envy you. Being able to laugh at yourself and find humor in the world around you is such a gift! Nurture it, cherish it, and never ever apologize for it. The world needs more peeps like you.

    Really? I bet you can make people laugh – it’s not much of a stretch to extend that to yourself. I don’t know if the world needs more peeps like me but I think we could all use more laughs. I know I can – I love to laugh it feels healthy, you know?

    By the way, I don’t know why you keep going into moderation – what is up with that? Sorry, can’t expalin WordPress’s grudge against you – the bastids. 😉


  2. Once in a while, I’ll find myself looking through my own archives, and landing on something that makes me say “Damn, but that was good.”

    It doesn’t last, though; after the moment passes, I start wondering why everything in said archives isn’t that good. 🙂

    Hey Chaz,
    Yup, I’ve been there too. I rather like being surprised by finding something good – however, it’s not very often that I do. Oh well, better than a sharp stick in the eye as Ma used to say. 😉


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