Too Old to Tweet?

Wow, I remember when Tweety was in her prime, looking everywhere’s for the puddy tat. Oh well, I guess we are all getting older. Happy berfday Tweety and really, I have two words for you – Red Bull.


2 thoughts on “Too Old to Tweet?

  1. LOL. I always thought Tweety was a guy.

    I was expecting to see a post about old folks who aren’t technologically savvy enough to tweet — which I don’t, but I don’t use a cell phone either (although I do have one). I don’t have that much to say to other people anyway, and besides, I can’t get signal in my cave!

    Hey Girl,
    You know for the longest time, I thought so too – but apparently Tweety is a she. You cwack me up. A cell phone you don’t use, no signal in the cave – yet the cave has a nice snazzy computer and you are a whiz at those techie computer games. LOL – you’re quite the combo. 😉


  2. Hi, Annie,

    On Tweety’s gender, I must differ. Granny always referred to her pets, Sylvester the cat, Hector the bulldog, and Tweety, as her “boys.” Therefore, Tweety is male. 😉

    – JOS

    Oh no – it’s Tweety-gate! Yikes. No, no, no, I’m sure that in the cartoon I still remember from when I was three that Tweety was a girl. Besides, what kind of sissy name is Tweety for a boy? 😆


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