Party On Leader Reid

Doesn’t look like much of a party dude now does he, our infamous leader of the Senate, Harry Reid. While Clint Eastword immortalized Dirty Harry, the United States government immortalized Grumpy Harry. Jeez Harry, do you kiss your wife with that mouth? Scary, eh?

And really this dude has been sour-pussed for pretty much the entire time he’s been Leader Reid (sounds so 3rd world, one world order, doesn’t it). And I have to wonder what his problem is – he’s been the leader of the US Senate for years and has blocked everything rational that anyone has tried to do and supported and forced through every crazy, dumbass bill ever concocted into law and still not even the tiniest of smiles.

Well Harry, (you don’t mind if I call you Harry, do you?) let me give you some advice – you catch more flies with honey than vinegar – sure it’s an old saw but it’s true. People just respond better if you don’t look at them like they are renegade rapist cretins, out to get your 14 year old niece. And really buddy, you should be doing the happy dance for all you’ve accomplished for your party – I mean heckfire, we rednecks are just about chained and shackled completely and your benefits haven’t suffered one bit.

You need to loosen up and get to the party Harry, the fun Harry – the Saturday Night Harry. Like this:

That’s right – we know you’ve got the moves and the grooves, so put on a little Bee Gees and get your body moving. Because soon, ever so soon you’re going to be singing the blues Harry. The mid-terms are less than a year away. Oh yes, and if there is a God (and I’m convinced there is) then the Pubbies are going to be a real bitch to deal with if they get Congress back. I’ve already stocked the popcorn and diet coke. I’m ready. Are you?


One thought on “Party On Leader Reid

  1. Here I am winding down, getting ready to call it a day, getting all mellow … and you hit me with the specter of kissing THAT face! Eww! So glad you followed up with a really funny picture. Wouldn’t you love to plug him into something that MADE him dance like that, whether he wanted to or not? I’d pay to see that.

    Yeah, I think we all would give a pretty penny to see ol’ Harry disco the night away. Somehow I don’t think we’re going to though. 😉


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