Random Christmas Thoughts

This time of year we are all rushing around like crazy people trying to make the season bright, we all have some pretty weird thoughts – at least I do. It’s a sort of short circuit of the brain I think that creates a short hand of anxiety, plans and wishes. Here are mine:

1. Must make brownies. Sure, you couldn’t just buy them like everyone else.
2. Why don’t people say Merry Christmas anymore? Yeah, what’s up with this Happy Holidays crap?
3. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas, wasn’t it just June?
4. There’s something about a man in a red velvet suit. Especially when he’s carrying a sack of presents.
5. I hope it snows. Snow? Are you crazy, snow is cold.
6. Thank Gawd for the dollar store! And the thrift store and regifting and….
7. I love Christmas. I hate Christmas, no I love it, I hate it, I love it…
8. Honk if you believe in Santa. And the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and Cupid and Leprechauns…
9. All I want for Christmas is to sleep, sleep, sleep! Wake me when it’s over.
10. This Christmas I’ll just relax and take it easy. In which case I’ll need lots of drugs and booze.
11. Is there a Christmas movie I don’t have? I must have it, I must, I must, I must!
12. I’ll diet right after Christmas. Or I’ll just wear bigger clothes.
13. I can’t believe they are making us work on Christmas Eve. Like people are going to buy car parts on Christmas Eve.
14. Sure reindeer can fly. At least they aren’t driving on the freeway.
15. What do chestnuts taste like? And really how do you roast them on an open fire?
16. Figgy pudding? Have you tasted figgy pudding?

So, what are your random Christmas thoughts?



3 thoughts on “Random Christmas Thoughts

  1. LOL!

    I just posted my thoughts over at my place. But here, especially for you:

    Merry Christmas, Annie!!

    Hey Girl,
    Merry Christmas to you too. May all your Christmas wishes come true. Thanks for your friendship – it means a lot. 🙂


  2. “Aw shit. I forgot to buy wrapping paper.”

    “I wonder if I could pretend my kids slept through Christmas. Or that it happened last month and they just don’t remember it.”

    “Who ate all my effing Hershey’s kisses?”

    Merry Christmas A. 🙂

    Hey Jess!
    LOL – yeah those are good ones. I’m afraid I ate all the Hershey’s kisses. Oooops. 😆


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