Stricter Security in Airports? Eh?

There is nothing like stupidity to get your interest, eh? I happen to catch this article this morning while perusing Yahoo headlines. I read the whole thing and I still can’t see how the guy got on the plane with a bomb strapped to him. How does this happen, inquiring minds want to know.

For pity’s sake, I can’t get through security with my shoes on (even flip flops) or even a bottle of sunscreen, yet this fellow got through with a body bomb on an international flight??? Somebody explain this one to me. Don’t they have metal detectors in Amsterdam? Surely the triggering device had to have some sort of metal parts? Am I up the wrong tree on this? I must be.

Seriously, how pathetic is this? I am so paranoid of the liquid police who go out of their way to test shampoo and body wash that I stock up on sample sizes – cuz God forbid I should bring some secret liquid soap onto a plane, yet this guy waltzes on an international flight with explosives. Jeez, I must be shopping in the wrong pharmacy.

Though maybe they were just being sensitive and politically correct and didn’t want to pick on someone who might actually fit the profile of a terrorist. God forbid you should offend somebody – better to ignore the guy sweating bullets, and toting a prayer rug than to offend them. Better to go after some obnoxious American and check their iPod for lethal music and waste the other 99% of the law abiding passengers’ time, who are  simply trying to get home. Oh yeah, I have to say my hat’s off to security.

Kudo’s to the fellow who jumped the inept terrorist and saved some lives. Quick thinking my friend and thank you. No props security – sorry but when I can’t even bring a standard sized tube of toothpaste on a plane and you let this guy skate – you’re just not on the ball, my friends.

The downside to all of this, is that we, who simply try to fly anywhere and behave and do as we’re told, will probably have to submit to strip searches. Screw it – maybe the next time I fly I’ll just come naked. It will sure save on luggage fees.


4 thoughts on “Stricter Security in Airports? Eh?

  1. No metal triggering device.
    Activating the bomb was a matter of mixing two chemicals (at least one of which was solid). Which is probably why the sucker failed.

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the data. I guess I’ve been watching too many movies. But don’t you think this is assinine then? What’s the point of a metal detector or the other various methods/devices when they can’t detect the ultimate weapon, a bomb?

    I don’t know if you know any of the answers to these questions, but if you do, I’d be interested in hearing them.



  2. The way I heard it was he had a tube of some kind of explosive power taped to his leg and injecting a liquid into would start a chemical fire. No metal to detect. Apparently no gunpowder, either. But something dogs can sniff out, so now we’ll see a demand for sniffer dogs. One commentator was theorizing this will bring us finally to the whole body scan that everyone has been fighting because it shows enough to be an invasion of privacy. Frankly, I don’t have much confidence in all their scans and checks and no-fly lists. They don’t seem to catch enough bad guys to be worth inconveniencing everyone else who flies.

    Good grief, he sounds like a mental patient on top of everything else. A tube taped to his leg – that reminds me of an old story from the days of disco but it involved a salami and wasn’t about bombs per se. 😉

    Yeah, they’ll be frisking us for sure. Perhaps they need to develop and explosive sniffing wand – I hear they dont’ require as much care or food as the sniffer dogs. Of course if the cops could just pull people who actuallly fit a profile we wouldn’t be going through all this crap, would we?

    All I can say is I’m happy I don’t fly much. Jeez.



  3. You may be onto something there. Naked Airlines, the bare way to fly. Would be a big hit with the nudists! It’s sad that people want to blow up planes to start with.

    LOL Matt, you’re a funny guy. Yup, fly the naked skies is about right. Gawd knows where this is all going to lead. Stay tuned.


  4. I’m so dreading the next time I fly…

    Hey Care,
    I hear you. Me too. Luckily I don’t fly much. I pity the poor folks that have to fly often though. It’s already a nightmare and now it’s going to get worse. Heaven help us.


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