Deadline – Theme Friday

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There is a reason the word dead is in deadline. It’s because you practically kill yourself trying to meet an arbitrary time frame. When you do, there is rarely any clamor. Perhaps a high-five or two (do people still high-five?). Usually though just silence. Thick and still. Dark and quiet. Silence. As though defying time, giving up sleep, food and social contacts is ordinary behavior. Because deadlines are important. More important than you are, no doubt.

After the deadline is met, you become dead. The work is done and handed over. Until or unless there is more work you don’t exist. Nobody is thinking about your deadlines. To pay the electric bill or the rent. That you might need to feed yourself or perhaps the cat. That cars do not run on empty. Really? No shit.

Your gotta haves and need it nows gotta wait and get it later. Cuz see…the deadline is met. And you? Dead tired. Dead broke. Dead wrong. You’re… just… dead.

copyright 2009

Where is Christine’s deadline taking her?

5 thoughts on “Deadline – Theme Friday

  1. So true I could cry. Never any kudos for meeting a deadline, only ten kinds of hell if you don’t. And when you get past one, there are always two or three more looming on the calendar. Year after year after year …

    LOL girl, methinks I hit a nerve. Yes, and so it goes for we the working stiffs, eh? Oh well, better than a stick in the eye…I think. 😉


  2. * HUGS * Long time no talk, my dear! I hope you are doing well, even with these deadlines that leave you dead. 😉


    Oh. My. Gawd! LOL girl, how the heck are you? It’s been forever since we’ve talked and I have missed you, you little sprite. I am doing well – despite the deadlines, lol. We must catch up soon. I want to know what you’ve been up to. Email me.

    Hugs to you too!


  3. So that’s why it’s called a deadline… 😀

    I liked this, Chica. And I liked the image as well.

    Yup, that’s why. 😆 The pic cracked me up too – it’s good to laugh at yourself, yes?


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