7 thoughts on “Toonz Time

  1. Loved it… Hi Annie, great post, and laughter is the best medicine. Been busy, but I read some of False Witness daily, and I’m loving it – Kindle shows 27%. Your grasp of storytelling is quite good and your characters are interesting – I like Joe best, ’cause he is me, and I have no idea where it’s going because you’ve created true people…and that means anything can happen, but I think Libby is key…

    Hi John,
    Glad you’re enjoying the book – not sure what you mean by the 27% thing as relates to Amazon but I’m sure it should mean something to me. πŸ˜‰

    Joe does survey as a most popular character among readers. He’s sort of a composite of my dad and a few other people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in my life.



  2. I suppose you’re Pied Type, too – how do you do it?

    I think this question is for me? No, Pied Type is one of my blogging buds, a fine writer and a loyal reader. Make sense?


    1. uh, do what? Been using this name for several years, with and without caps.

      Hey Girl,
      I think John meant that question for me. It sources in his confusion of my being both Annie and WC. See what I mean? πŸ˜‰


  3. pied Type, WC, Annie… what else ya got? Hey, check out the Snow Devil on Facebook, he’s super cool, or go to youtube, he’s whirling there too. He’s politically correct, sort of and very green…

    Thanks for the heads up – I’ll check him out when I have some free time.


  4. The Kindle shows no page numbers when you’re reading, but it shows the percentage of the book you’ve completed. So, I’m at 27% or just over a quarter finished with False Witness…

    And it’s good…

    Hey John,
    Ah, I get it. Strange though about the no page numbers that would be an adjustment for me. Glad you’re enjoying it, thanks. πŸ™‚


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