As Obamacare gags its last breath?

massachuettes senate race

I don’t know about you, but I await with baited breath to see what the fine citizens of Massachuettes will decide tomorrow. As some may know a special election is being held to determine who will take the Senate seat of the late Senator, Dead Kennedy, er…ah… I mean Ted Kennedy.. . Drudge has the poll numbers here. And they are looking mighty fine from my point of view.

Lots of hoopla as this could upset the balance of power (or should I say unbalance of power?) in the Senate, which could make it a whole new ballgame. I’m buying my peanuts and crackjax now. Don’t want to miss a thing.

Fingers crossed, they’ll be some mighty upset Dems tomorrow. hehe.

Other related articles here, here and here and here too. Oooh, I’m excited as a little girl who in whoville on Christmas Eve. 😉


One thought on “As Obamacare gags its last breath?

  1. I’m watching with great interest myself. Congress needs a good shot of reality! You know, the ol’ bipartisan, two-party system where legislation has to pass on its merits.

    Hey Girl,
    It seems they got their dose of reality today, doesn’t it? I for one am doing the happy dance. Oh the drama! Will they delay swearing him in so they can force the health bill through? Will the people stand for it? Have Harry and Nan reached the beginning of the end? Let’s stayed tuned. I can hardly wait to see. 😆



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