Anywhere But Here – Theme Friday

copyright anita rodgers 2009, writer chick talks, theme friday

Take me home – take me to meeting, take me out to the ballgame. Take me anywhere but here. This place called memory. This street called misery. This town called lonely.

Slap me, snub me, say bad things but don’t say you love me. Don’t tell the lie of all lies. Don’t pretend remorse, regret or reconsideration. Contempt, in the end, is more palitable and more honest.

Blame me for my words, my actions, my failures but not for your inadequacies. Hold me accountable for anything I have done to you and not what you have done to me.

Hate me, despise me, avoid me, cut me out of your life because I deserve it not because you can’t face my presence. Because you can’t deal with truth. Because I see you in all your glorious flaws but still choose to stay.

Turn your back, turn around, turn your words into any shape you like but leave mine intact and unaltered.

Take me fishing, take me bowling, take me on a moonlight cruise – hell take me to Starbuck’s. Take me anywhere but here.

copyright words and photo 2009
Where is Christine’s anywhere?

5 thoughts on “Anywhere But Here – Theme Friday

  1. Ah, but were it always true… A beautiful sentiment, beautifully written. “But don’t say you love me. Don’t tell the lie of all lies.” Contempt is often at the end of it all – and certainly honest – but not the true end of it all. We often find contempt at the end of a relationship, but later it’s much easier to remember the good of it than the bad – even if it was really bad. They say that no relationship is over until all parties are dead. I find, as I get older and wiser that forgiveness is really the only way to live. It’s not always easy, but it’s always right…


    Hey John,
    Sure, you make good points. On the other hand I’ve always found that writing isn’t about forgiving or even doing the right thing – just about writing what’s there without judgement. Our little Theme Friday is about that really. We use prompts to get to stuff that perhaps we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise – hmmm maybe that’s stream of consciousness? Maybe it’s lazy writing. I don’t know. But I and my fellow Theme Friday writers have grown as writers by doing this exercise. Silly as that may sound. In fact, we’re often surprised by what the prompts inspire. It’s kind of crazy mixed up – part truth, part fiction, part angel wings and puppy dog tails. Know what I mean?

    Thanks, as always, for reading – appreciate your comments.



  2. I like how your here is more about a place of being than a physical area. Soulful and painful.

    We are so awesome!


    Hey Chica,
    We are awesome. I think sometimes the ‘places of being’ are more real than the physical places, don’t you?



  3. The writing was wonderful and that’s what I took from it. I read about Christine’s “here” from the link provided – which kinda gave it a differnt context as to where the writer was coming from. I’m sorry I didn’t quite get it, but I truely enjoyed the piece…

    Oh, I got that, sweetie. No apologies, please – not necessary at all. Anyone gets what they get from a piece of writing and your opinion is quite appreciated, truly. Sometimes comments just inspire more of a response from me than others, that’s all. Make sense? 🙂


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