Do The Right Thing – Theme Friday

Be fair. Be honest. Help people.  Like an ancient moan it roils in my brain

When you make a mistake—admit it.  Taunting my soul

Do the right thing.  shrieking plaintive admonitions

What’s the right thing? It’s right not wrong. Up not down. Good not bad. What your mama taught you. Use a napkin not your sleeve. Say, “please,” “thank you,” “excuse me.” spin-spinning my head

Give your seat up to the old lady on the bus – and the pregnant mama too. You’re young, you’re healthy, you can sTand.

Honor your word. Own up. Lost your way? Pray to God. Respect your elders. Show some balls. Don’t let the neighborhood bully hurt your baby sister.

Wear a hat in church and gen-u-flect before the altar of He who did the right thing. Who stepped up. Forgave his killers, blessed them as He bled. Loved them as He died.  I need some truth can’t live in this place anymore—the land of 2nd guesses

Do the right thing. Make the right choice, you know what it is.  Private hell of missteps and mistakes, no turning back You don’t have to ask because we all know it. We pretend not-but we know. It’s hard.  Not easy. Doing it  right cuts the pride, shreds self-righteousness, eats egos in one big chomp. You gulp and stammer and yawl. Do it anyway.

Not for him or her or them but you. sAve your soul…

You might trick the world, get one by but you don’t trick you. Can’t turn lies to truths. You know you did wrong and nothing frees but doing it right.  branded in failure, useless to any purpose No excuses, no justifications, no denials, wrong is just wrong.  Do. The. Right. Thing. Even if nobody is watching.

copyright 2010

What is Christine’s right thing?


4 thoughts on “Do The Right Thing – Theme Friday

  1. Um, yes. Love this. Like I really, really feel it. The italicized sentiments hit home- powerful punches of truth.

    Very good work, Chica.

    Also, the image you used to accompany this piece is striking.

    Hey Chica,
    This was a tough prompt – tougher than I thought it would be. Maybe because the ‘right thing’ can be so subjective.

    I loved that picture too – strangely beautiful.



  2. Great words to live by, and a really fun read… Loved it!


    P. S. Hey WC, I finished Witness and I need to ask you something – privately – if you could email me, I would.

    Hey John,
    How are you? Glad you liked the piece.

    Private email sent -ask away.


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