The Truth

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What is the truth? I ponder that often. Is there one universally true truth?? Or is the truth wholly subjective? Or…somewhere in between?

Is something true because another says it is? What if it’s not true for me? Or you? Or them? Must we still believe it to be truth because of peer or societal agreement? Or is it only true for me (or you or us) if it’s true for me (or you or us)?

One could proffer that the truth is just the facts. The exact sequence of events—the exact provable elements of the person, place or thing. That works. At least, sometimes.

But, what if the facts aren’t provable? Nobody videotaped it or recorded it in any concrete way. What then? Where and how do we find the trueness or falseness of it?

Perhaps the truth is a feeling—it feels right so therefore it’s true. Maybe the truth is something that aligns to a universally accepted moral code or principle. Or perhaps a process of elimination. We discover the truth by removing anything that cannot stand up to scrutiny and accept whatever remains as the truth.

Perhaps logic plays a part, however, something that is logical is not always true and something that is true is not always logical.

So…what’s the yardstick for this ungraspable, intangible thing called truth? For me, I believe it’s about what is real. My real thoughts, not rearranged prettily-worded spoken words tempered for acceptability by others. My actual perceptions of the situation or person—unvarnished and simply stated without consideration of how another might react. Straight from the hip and no pulled punches.

Not easy and probably a dangerous approach in some cases, though workable, I think, in the end.

What about you? What is the truth?

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11 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. Hi Annie,

    Hmm ! Very thought provoking. The Truth.What can I say about truth or truths.I don’t know. Is truth true ? does it formulate from facts and figures. Is truth, fear ? Is truth, matter ? Is truth, discovery. Is truth, happiness, is it tangabile. Is truth, honesty. Is truth a confession.

    Why does a truth have to be told ?

    I think truth is a personal choice and it can differ every day. To thine own self be true.
    Love Di. Great post Annie.Thank you.

    A lie would have no sense unless the truth were felt to be dangerous ~ Albert Alder,

    Hey Di,
    Yeah, to thine own self be true. I think that says it nicely.


  2. I think truth is best described as reality. But of course that immediately raises the question: What is reality? … sigh … And so it goes.

    Hey Girl!
    Well maybe but then I get hung up on that whole ‘perception is reality’ thing and off to the races I go. yes, and so it goes….;)


  3. Hi Annie Again.

    Been thinking , ‘ To thine own self be true ‘ I wonder if you should keep truth to your self then. I doubt that it would be a true truth if that was the case.What do I mean ?

    So !

    I think what I mean is : Er !! I don’t know. I’m wanting to say something about the telling of the truth, or in my case I’ve needed to honour a truth. How do you honour a truth ?

    Oh its a truth ( world )
    Love again Di.

    I wonder if I’ll come back to this. Hehe !! Probably.

    Hey Di,
    Hmmm, I see what you mean. Yes, honoring the truth…tough call because you have to take feelings into consideration. Dunno…I guess you weigh the pros and cons and try to go with whatever will help the most and hurt the least?



  4. Great Hub, and quite profound. Below is the answer to your question.

    The truth is many things…

    The truth is… Often overrated “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Even when it rhymes…

    The truth is… Often complicated. Little Johnny walks into class – his dog Bucky in tow – and sits at his desk
    “Johnnie!” the teacher bellows, “that your dog?”
    “Yes Ma’am, he’s my witness.”
    “Witness? And why pray tell do you need a witness?”
    “Well, he begins sheepishly, I knew you were gonna ask for my homework, and truth is, he ate it.” Johnnie looks at his dog and says, “Tell her boy, c’mon, tell her.” Immediately, the dog emits a massive belch, and Johnnie throws up his hands, palms up, and shrugs.
    Truth is, Johnnie’s one hell of a ventriloquist…

    The truth is… Often unnecessary. The news people don’t always get it right, and how are we to know when that is or isn’t. Doesn’t matter, we’re still here aren’t we?

    The truth is… Often unfair. There are many people in prison who are innocent. Truth didn’t help them none, now did it?

    The truth is… Often not prudent. “Honey, does this dress make me look fat?”
    “Nah, dress ain’t got nothin’ to do with it.”

    The truth is many things…

    Hey John,
    You a funny guy – I’ll bet you’re a hit at parties. LOL. Yes, the truth is many things. 😉


  5. Hi Annie,

    I’ve got my new email addresss. Its I don’t know how or where to change your email account on our blogs. I don’t suppose you know do you Annie. Will you send me an email then I have your address again.

    Thanks Anie and love
    Love Di,

    Hey Di,
    Tried the new email you wrote here and got a nondelivery notification. Did you maybe leave something out? Check my about me page for my contact info –


  6. Oh bloody great Annie.

    Can you believe this : Just tried to sign in with my new email address and password and it told me I’ve tried too many times with an incorrect address or password. I’ve only ever signed in once to recieve my noticfication. Just made it the other day. I wonder whats going on.

    It’s a bit wierd isn’t. Its doing my bloody head in. Yes I will go to your contact page and create another account and give you my new email address personally.

    Love Di. x

    Sorry dear – don’t know what to make of this. Maybe you should try getting a yahoo or gmail email addie. They don’t do stuff like this to their mail accounts.


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