The Test – Theme Friday

And if the test meant me to fall—then fall I have.

The test succeeded. The kingmakers manufactured the perfect figurehead. Pleasing to the masses. Convincing in the message of hope and change.  The new millenium Messiah.

(we bow to)A perfection of fraud and hubris.

And the voices of dissention drowned in chants of youthful ignorance.


“Our savior is come!”

Jubliance for the uniformity of  equality.  Save the planet (and reduce the population)!

The razor wire atop the camp fence affected an incongruant crown reigning over a ragtag kingdom. The shining city on the hill is no more, but I still possess memories…


Tri-globality (go bbg) came to be in my lifetime and demise rapidly followed. What remained of my fellows ended up here and places like here. A world colored grey and beige, where ideas are criminal and individuals executed.

At night, I sometimes see a light (out there)—where the ruling class frolicks and cavorts. Amassing resources and wealth- squabbling among themselves.

Yes, the test succeeded and freedom’s remains peer through chain link fence, searching the night sky for the light.

copyright 2010

What is Christine’s test?


2 thoughts on “The Test – Theme Friday

  1. There is an apocalyptic feel to this- not only in the image you present, but in the piece’s form and style.

    Somehow, it seems a departure for you- the dread feelings, the imprisonment, the longing. I like it.

    Good job, Chica.

    Hey Chica,
    I think you’re right – it probably has to do with my viewing two particularly depressing documentaries recently. Also, I kind of dig those dismal sci-fi novels from the 70’s. 😉


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