Fat Lady – Theme Friday

Fat lady, fat lady
fat lady me…
How did that cellulite
come to be?

Where’s the lithe figure
that slid into jeans
and little appetite for
pasta and beans?

How many chins
does one woman need
How to extract the
inner child I feed

Fat lady, fat lady
fat lady me….
my ass just grew bigger
and I didn’t see

When did the wings
attach to my arms
whither has gone
my sweet girlie charms?

Even my toes possess
certain pudge
And try as I might
I can’t turn down fudge

Fat lady, fat lady
fat lady me…
Jillian can slim me
if I pay her a fee

So much for youth
and svelte sexy ways
I have my Hagen daas
to pass the days

copyright 2010

Where is Christine’s fat lady?


4 thoughts on “Fat Lady – Theme Friday

  1. I think this rocked! It was utterly charming. I love it, plain and simple.

    Thanks Chica,
    I’m glad you got a kick out of it. I was giggling a little bit when I wrote it. 😉


  2. Hi Annie,

    Love fat Lady Me, especially the pudgy toe bit. Thank you
    Love Di.

    Oh Di…
    How I miss you. What’s happening?


  3. Hi Annie,

    Im here and ok. I’m back blogging and have made several attempts to contact you via facebook here email and skype. We must be missing each other. I’m good mentaly and so looking forward to the springtime, still in lung rehab for another week, been infection free all winter so thats a bonus. I’ve been taught so much about how to look after my lungs so I have a better quality of health. It’s been great.

    Oh how I miss you too. Lets chat.
    Love you Annieo

    Hey Di!!!
    It was so good to talk to you yesterday. LOL – all is right with the world now, eh? 😉


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