A Piece of Work – Theme Friday

A piece of work—a piece of pie—a piece of the puzzle. Life’s little joys and set backs. And in such cases I find myself biting my tongue. Holding back my true thoughts and offering carefully worded substitutes that help me
keep my job
keep my work
keep my survival

Lashing out at evening news reports and vacuous political speeches to let off steam and prevent my head from

Or…I sit at wobbly Starbux tables with friends, snickering at the fashionimpaired as they hobble or sashay by. “Oh yeah, that one is a real piece of work.” We chortle, stamp our feet and somehow feel better about ourselves. Sometimes I wonder though…

Does somebody think I’m a piece of work?


copyright 2010

How is Christine working it?


3 thoughts on “A Piece of Work – Theme Friday

  1. I watched a woman yesterday in an impossible pair of heels stumble as the hem of her pant caught under one of them and thought what a piece of work. But then I thought is she the piece of work, or is it the idea of impossible heels?

    Biting our tongues- we do a lot of that it seems. And it burns on the inside.

    I knew this’d be good, Chica.

    Hey Chica,
    Hmmm…you have a point about the heels and all the other torture traps men have invented for us. I mean, why the hell do we wear those things anyway? Yup, it sho do burn sometimes. 😉


  2. Does somebody think I’m a piece of work?

    Me and the Master. And he don’t make no junk.

    Reading this reminds me of why I was a trucker for so long and work alone at home. I enjoy the solitude.

    Course it was not always that way. I mean I did not always like the solitude. I had to learn to live with myself and make my piece with the Master. After that, heck being around folks and watching life through a bug splattered windshield got easier. Every day I am reminded that just like me, people do what people do so I just don’t worry about it. That is till one of their beebees fall into my yard and then the rules change. Fortunately that does not happen too often.

    One of my favorite forms of entertainment is just sitting at a busy corner or at my favorite sandwich spot in the mall and watching people as they pass by. Some notice me and glance my way. I am reminded that I am just a fleeting moment in their eye. I find comfort in that thought and then laugh as they waddle away and I wonder just who dresses these people.

    I KNOW I am a piece of work and that is about as much ego anyone will get me to admit to.

    Luv Ya Annie
    (BSue says hey)

    Yup, I guess we’re all pieces of work in one way or another. But maybe that is one of the small joys of life – or at least a source of a laugh or two. I guess it boils down to how much we can laugh at ourselves, eh big guy? Hey back to BSue.

    Love ya bunches,


  3. Hi Annie,

    A lovely piece of work.

    Love Di.

    Now me… I am definatley a piece of work and love to be. I’m sure evrybody who has had the oppurtunity to know me would tell you that.

    Don’t you just love being a piece of work.

    In fact, I think I do love being a piece of work. That seems to be a common trait in my friends too. Hmmmm…. 😉


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